In summer time, what children love the most is spending the day swiming in the water. That's why all water games become the main actors of the summer and nobody says no to a day surfing or sailing.

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In nautical and surf camps in English, the little ones will have so much fun with a huge range of sports and activities organised in this kind of summer camps: kayaking, canoing, sailing, surfing, paddle surf, snorkel and much more awaits for the kids. Meanwhile, we as parents will have the peace of mind of knowing that all this activities are safe and supervised by professionals.

However, the most interesting about this camps in an educational way is that all this activities can be done with the implementation of a linguistic immersion for the kids. This means that, while they are in the camp, they will play and do all the activities in English. This way they will learn and improve their English skills almost without realising it.


  • Learning a new language

    As a linguistic immersion, our children will improve their speaking and writing in English. All instructors are either bilingual or native, which means that our kids will develop and improve their accent as much as their listening skills. All of this in a relaxed, fun, dynamic environment. They can also make new internation friends, which encorauges them to enjoy learning and speaking English properly.
  • A wide range of activities

    Besides activities and water sports such as surfing, kayaking or saling, our children will be able to do other kind of games like gymkhanas, death slides, hiking, different workshops and day trips. In nautical and surf camps there's no time for get bored!

  • Development of psychomotor skills

    The kind of sports practised in this camps improve the development of psychomotor skill such as body coordination and balance. Summer camps also promote social relationships and values: all activities are focused on promoting team work, personal growth and self-esteem, as well as making friends with other children.
  • Bilingual and native professional instructors

    All nautical and surf camps in English instructors are qualified professionals with a either bilingual or native level of English. As parents, this means that we have the peace of mind that our kids are being supervised all the time by professional, and that all activities are done in a easy, safe, controled way.

  • Healthy lifestyle and sport

    In nautical and surf camps in English, it is promoted a healthy lifestyle and the practise of physical, healthy, leisure activities. Instructors try to instill in the kids the need of having a healthy diet and pratise exercise daily. Moreover, camps are an alternative, healthy, educational way of leisure for the youth.

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Nautical and surf camps in English usually are focused in children between 6 and 17 years old, and the groups are divided by age and level. This way, it's not necessary to have previous experience to enjoy an adventure like this since there are class for beginners and advanced.

There are a lot of different nautical and surf camps in English. It is even possible to mix water activities with other activities. For example, the Natuaventura Surf + English Summer Camp, where our children will also do multiadventure and mountain activities. Or the Oliva Surf Bilingüe, which combines nautical sports with golf.

Others, as Deporcantabria Surfcamp Internacional, have complementary and varied workshops such as the first aid or speleology ones. Or Cíjara Summer Camp Beach, which have a wide range of different workshops: cooking, astronomy, theatre, music and culture.

Most of the camps also do day trips through the region to close places which are interesting for the kids. For example, Spanish Immersion and International Summer Camp in Spain has a huge variety of day trips: To the chocolate factory Valor, Terra Mitica Theme Park, summer cinemas, Santa Bárbara Castle, Altea village, the Archaelogical Site and Illeta Tower in Campello, etc. All you need for a real immersion in Spanish!

This summer do not miss the opportunity for your children to have an unforgettable, fun holidays while they learn English in an ideal envirnoment. They will come back with a lot of experience to tell, and all in English! Book now and do not lose your place!

Good luck searching your nautical and surf camps in English!