Emotional Development

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Adventure Camps 255

Huesca | 14-17 | 06/08 to 13/08/2023 | | plazas

Mountain sports camp to promote coexistence and local commitment to the rural environment.

Kitesurf Camps 2700

Cádiz | 13-17 | 30/06 to 14/07/2024 | | 29 plazas

Tarifa Kitesurf Camp is an exclusive residential summer camp for young people between 13 and 17 years old.

Sports Camps 255

Huesca | 12-15 | 13/08 to 20/08/2023 | | plazas

Camp that delves into the fight for the transformation of our world into a more just and equitable world.

Adventure Camps 1190

Gerona | 12-18 | 02/07 to 09/07/2023 | | 30 plazas

Social skills and emotional intelligence summer camp in Girona Spain. Talent development and multi-adventure activities for 12 to 17 years old

Emotional Development

In this section you can find the best choice of Summer Emotional Development Camps of 2018 for children and young people. Find a Summer Emotional Development Camp now! SoloCampamentos offers a wide variety of programmes and courses on which you can enjoy a whole host of different activities related with emotional and social development, emotional intelligence, social skills such as communication and empathy, creativity workshops, learning techniques and motivation activities…with the aim to develop the talents of children and enhance their personal and social skills. All of our camps meet our set quality requirements, so your kids will always be in good hands. Come here to search for and choose the best Emotional Development summer camp for your kids. Don’t hesitate to ask for information or call us and ask for all the details. Start searching now and find the right Summer Emotional Development Camp for you! We have the best Emotional Development camps in Spain.