Cíjara Summer Camp Beach "Spanish, French & English"

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7 Days03/07/2022-09/07/20228-16795Full
7 Days10/07/2022-16/07/20228-16795Available
14 Days03/07/2022-16/07/20228-161495Full
7 Days26/06/2022-02/07/20228-16795Available


A Summer Camp which offers Spanish Language immersion. All teachers and camp counselors are certified and native speakers.

Come to Spain and learn Spanish in a fun and affordable Spanish Summer Camp! Great fun for youngsters that are keen to experience Spain and learn Spanish in a beautiful setting. Run by qualified teachers and monitors you will spend time with Spanish children of the same age for lessons, sports, activities and lots and lots of fun in a beautiful, scenic environment.

Travelling to Spain guarantees that you will learn Spanish if you have a solid programme to back you up, especially if your focus is linguistic. If this is what you have been looking for, look no further! Cijara Summer Camp is your choice for this summer!

A weekly or fortnightly Summer Camp with Spanish total language immersion with certified language teachers, all native speakers, as well as camp counsellors. You can choose your classes between English, French and Spanish. As well as truly international experience with children from many countries! From 8 to 16 years old.


We are a team of qualified professionals with diverse experience in education and leisure activities. Our teachers, all of them native speakers, are certified language instructors with experience working with children and young adults and with an absolute commitment to teaching. Our aim is not just to teach language but for children to enjoy learning a new language through dynamic workshops and fun games. Our teachers are certified language instructors who work during the school year at colleges and universities teaching languages. They are native speakers. All camp staff, and in addition to their official roles and experience, have undergone extensive first aid training.


Our Camp is located on the beach within the private area of Bungalows of a luxurious tourist complex in the Peri-Urban Park of Puerto de Santa María, very close to the exclusive area of Puerto Sherry. This exclusive location is well served by three international airports. Our preference is either Jerez (20 minutes) or Seville (70 minutes) with Malaga (2 hrs and 30 minutes) being an alternative which must be confirmed with the head office.

We will have at our disposal a large private space where there is little influx of the general public, which is why Cíjara Summer Camp has chosen here to carry out its Beach Camp this year 2019. Away from the coast, our excursion programme takes campers through the dramatic scenery of colourful Andalucía to visit its historical town sand cities of culture including the picturesque ancient port of Cadiz and El Puerto de Santa Maria and its monuments (Castillo de San Marcos, Phoenician village of Doña Blanca, Church Mayor Prioral, Monastery of Victory).

Children will be accommodated in our luxurious bungalows for 4/5 people with a private bathroom. We have our own professional kitchen that in addition to preparing all kinds of special menus for those with special dietary requirements and always using the local produce.

Why choose Cijara Summer Camp?

Because your children are ours. Because of our professional staff. Our amazing countryside and views and our main objective which is for your son or daughter to improve their language skills in a safe, fun and sunny environment!

  • Total Language Immersion Camp in English-Spanish or Spanish-English.
  • Specialized and certified native speaking instructors and counselors.
  • Our menu options are suited to meet any food allergies or intolerances
  • Personal Attention - Every child is unique and at Cijara Summer Camp we know that!
  • Multiple activity options: sports, games, dance, cultural excursions…
  • Fluid communication between parents and the camp


  • Academic

You will enjoy learning new things and practice what you already know, and importantly you will lose the fear to express yourself in your new language.During the camp, you will receive 15 Spanish, English or French language lessons per week (10 – 12 students per class on average) which, together with our teaching methodology of encouraging active participation and total Spanish language immersion, guarantees a maximum learning opportunity.

  • Sports

We will play the usual sports, such as football, basketball, swimming but also others that are not so common like archery, canoeing, surf, beach volleyball, paddle surf, water sports and hiking in a truly natural environment, providing an opportunity for children to try new activities.

  • Games and parties

We offer the funniest workshops: environmental education, cooking, dancing, breakdance, drama, astronomy. Endless possibilities for games and surprises… Workshops, cooking, dancing, journalism… The authentic Spanish immersion program!

  • Cultural

The camp is not just for learning and sports, there will also be trips to places you have never imagined! You might see a “star shower”. You will also enjoy watching El Puerto de Santa María and the ancient city of Cádiz.


Our Camp is located on the beach within the private area of Bungalows of a luxurious tourist complex in thePeri-Urban Park of Puerto de Santa María, very close to the exclusive area of Puerto Sherry.

  • Bungalowsfully-equipedfor4/5 people.
  • Professional kitchen.
  • Restaurant.
  • Olympic-size swimming pool.
  • Laundry.
  • Sports city (with basketball courts, hard-surface football training pitches and conventional football pitches).
  • Modern classrooms.
  • Media centres
  • A well equiped seated theatre with outdoor stages.
  • Large landscape areas.


  • Full board & accommodation in our own facilities
  • 15 hours per week of Spanish lessons
  • All learning materials
  • 24 hour supervision by camp monitors and/or qualified teaching assistants at all times (1 monitor per 6 children)
  • Living and learning alongside children from all over the world
  • Laundry service (once per week)
  • Sports and activities
  • Cultural and recreational activities, trips and workshops
  • Final report from camp monitors and language teachers on each child’s progress
  • Transfers from Madrid to the camp and back with a supplement.

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.