• 7-17
  • Taught in Inglés, Inmersión Lingüística
  • full board
  • July
  • 150
  • 1 per 10 kids.


The summer camp Santander Surf and English combines beach, mountain and multiadventure together with learning English in an active, dynamic and funny way. Children from 7 to 17 can join and come to Cabárceno Hostel, placed in a superb location between mountain and seaside. It is run in two different fortnights: July 1 to 14 and July 16 to 29.

The hostel is in the middle of the mountains of Cantabria and only 20 min from El Sardinero beach by bus. This excellent location makes possible to carry out activities in a breathtaking spot.

Beach, swimming pool, multiadventure and a whole range of games are combined with some English lessons, using a methodology that aims to learn while having fun.


The beach is our best allied to do games and activities and, most of it, to follow our 4-day surf course. We also organize some Olympic games on the beach together with one of our other camps.

In the hostel and the surroundings we also run some mountain activities, such as climbing, rappel, archery, hiking, camping, trips, excursions…

The English course has 21 hours that are perfectly combined with games, gymkhanas, workshops and night activities.

  • 21-hour English course to learn while having fun.
  • 4-day Surf course, run by expert teachers.
  • Olympic Games on the beach.
  • Sports gymkhana on the beach, where some of our other camps take part.
  • Hiking on the mountain, enjoying the beautiful landscapes and camping under the stars.
  • Climbing and rappel with specialists.
  • Creativity workshops.
  • Excursions.
  • Night activities: each night we’ll have games, songs, contests, mystery games...


Cabárceno Hostel has the most adequate and well-equipped facilities to run a summer camp. There is a dining room, a kitchen, classrooms for English lessons, rooms with bunk beds, bathrooms with individual showers, a warehouse, a multi-purpose hall, a swimming pool, a volleyball field, a climbing wall, a zip line and some ample green areas to play and relax.

The beautiful surroundings are an unbeatable spot to do nature and mountain activities. The beach is only a 20-minute drive from the hostel.

We add to all this some backup vehicles, multi-adventure, sports and leisure activities material, emergency phones and mobile phones for the children to call home.

Food and meals

All our menus are previously elaborated and reviewed by a nutritionist. We adapt them to the needs of each summer camp so that they are as much adequate and healthy as possible. Besides, we receive the food orders on a daily basis, so that quality and good condition are guaranteed.

In case your child has an allergy or intolerance to some food, you can tell us and we will elaborate a personalized menu. We are used to having children that are allergic or intolerant to gluten, egg, legumes, etc.

Counsellors and skilled staff

We always have one coordinator and a team of counsellors 24/7. We also have specialists on multi-adventure and water activities.


  • Accommodation in hostel.
  • Full board.
  • A team of counsellors 24/7.
  • Coordinator 24/7.
  • Specialists in multiadventure activities.
  • Specialists in surf.
  • Lifeguard.
  • All the specific materials for the activities.
  • Transportation for all the excursions.
  • Back-up vehicle.
  • Emergency phone available 24/7.
  • Civil liability and accident insurance.
  • First-aid kit and transfer to medical care service if needed.
  • Complete activities program.
  • Gift for each participant.
  • 4-day surf course.

Pick Up Policy

We have an optional round trip transfer service. The bus leaves from Madrid (Santiago Bernabéu Stadium) and stops at Las Rozas de Madrid and Burgos.


  • Madrid – camp (round trip): 55 €
  • Burgos – camp (round trip): 45 €

We also have the “North Route” which leaves from Zaragoza and stops at Logroño, Vitoria and Bilbao (subject to a minimum of 30 bookings).


  • Zaragoza/Logroño – camp (round trip): 55 €
  • Vitoria/Bilbao – camp (round trip): 35 €

In case the minimum of 30 is not reached, the participants will be informed at least 15 days in advance, so that they can decide how to get to the facilities. They will have the possibility to join the Madrid-Burgos route if that suits them. Or they can get there by their own means.

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme. .