In holidays, a lot of teens do not know what to do with so much leisure time. They want to enjoy new experiences, meet new friends, and live each second as it was the last. Impossible? In summer camps for teens, they will live all that and much more, while, as parents, we have the peace of mind that they are being attended by professional instructors.

During one or two weeks, our children will have amazing days doing what they most like to do, surrounded by lots of friends and discovering new emotions. Moreover, in camps for teens, they will also learn and use their language skills and useful things for their future.

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  • Healthy and outdoors leisure

    While they are in camps, teens learn how to have healthy fun, enjoying sports in contact with nature. They will have so much fun in a healthy, responsible, educative and participatory way, putting into practice values as respect and equality.

  • Living in harmony outside the family unit

    During the camp, our kids will learn how to live with other teens, which involves discovering other ways of living and interacting. It's more, the fact of spending 24 hours per day together, makes this experience really intense, which means that kids usually establish stronger ties with their friends. They learn to be more tolerant and empathise with others as well.

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  • Independence of technology

    Over recent decades, technology is more and more present in our daily life. It is true that smartphones and laptops are really useful, but sometimes we isolate ourselves because of them, especially young people. In summer camps, teens are interacting with other youngs and the environment all the time, so technology is left behind.

  • Improvement of self-esteem

    Adolescence is usually a difficult and complicated age. Physical and hormonal changes make it hard for young people feeling confident with their physical appearance and personality. In summer camps, there are several activities that reinforce their self-confidence and security, because they feel able to do things they did not know they could do before.

  • A broad range of activities

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    The word "bored" does not exist in a camp dictionary. Aquatic and sport activities, workshops, fun evenings, day trips... Each day in a summer camp is exciting! We can also choose the camp that fits our kids' hobbies and interests, and even choose an English camp so they can learn and practice a new language while they have fun.

But if you are looking for your child to have a real bilingual experience, in which he lives and learn other language, it is possible to choose a summer camp abroad. For example, Richi Innovation Camp, in Boston, is a camp for teens between 16 and 18 years old where students get reinforce different skills and competences through innovative and disruptive methodologies and processes for studying. Master classes, lectures, workshops and visits to other institutions of prestige such as Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) are some of the activities that they will be able to do in this camp. Science, technology and different competences that make the fun of any other camp complete.

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However, if Boston is too far away, there are some other option to travel abroad in order to learn English. For example, European Idiomas Bray, focus on youngs between 11 and 18 years old who will stay in a high-class residence and will take English class without leaving Europe. Moreover, it is located in Bray, Ireland, a truly dream landscape.

Of course, there is also the option of learning English (or any other language) in a specialised camp in Spain, such as Sotogrande Inmersion Camp. Here, teens will learn a new language, either English or Spanish, adn will practise a huge range of activities and sports like golf, kite surf, horse riding or sailing.

There are so many kind of summer camps for teens. That is the reason why we just need to choose the one that better suits our kids' hobbies and interests, and our children will have an unforgettable summer holidays!

Good luck searching your camp for teens this summer!