Innovation Camp in Boston - USA with MIT University

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21 Days26/06/2022-16/07/202215-186750$Available


What is Richi Innovation Camp ?

Richi Innovation Camp is an unprecedented initiative of the Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation whose objective is to foster student talent and excellence during the pre-university phase through a 3 week international immersion campus experience in Boston.

Summer 2022

Richi Innovation Camp Summer 2022 Edition will run from June 27th to July 17th 2021. Some of the most prestigious top-notch talent speakers and mentors, institutions and organizations in Boston are collaborating on this project, like the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT).

A Transformational Experience

Participants will have the privilege of experimenting and connecting with one of the most advanced and exemplary educational ecosystems in the world.

A Multidisciplinary Curriculum

Innovative and disruptive educational methodologies and processes strengthen student abilities and skills.

A Unique Opportunity

Students who successfully complete the program become Richi Innovation Camp Alumni, gain recognition, forever exposure and access to the Boston innovation and education ecosystem.

Selection Criteria

Pre-university students of any nationality can apply to Richi Innovation Camp so long as they meet the following requirements :

  • Be a 15 to 18 years old student. (born in the years 2004, 2005, 2006 or 2007)
  • Have a sufficiently high level of English that will not impede communication during the program.

Why Boston?

Boston has one of the most advanced education and innovation ecosystems in the world. It is known as the “Athens of the United States” because there are over 100 colleges and prestigious universities, like MIT, Harvard and Berklee.

Every year more than 250,000 students from all over the world travel to Boston to continue their education.


  • Science & Tech. Disciplines inseparable in the progress of society. Question. Connect. Discover: Methodology to develop research projects.
  • Big Data: beyond data: The influence of Big Data in the transformation of the environment.
  • Saving the planet: Initiatives to curb the impact of climate change.
  • Nanotechnology: The little science that will change our lives. A world printed in 3D: A technological and social revolution.
  • Electronic brains: Practical applications of artificial intelligence.
  • DNA: the magic of genes: Advances in genetics and their benefits for humanity.
  • The super efficiency of a Smart City: Smart cities: urban planning, technology and sustainability.
  • My robot and me. Smart machines: applications of robotics.
  • Between two worlds: augmented reality More information to better interact with the world.
  • Management Setting objectives. Defining strategies Coordinating efforts.
  • SCRUM Methodology: Promote collaboration and responsibility in the achievement of a project.
  • Project management: Prototyping: in search of the best version.
  • Skills: Development of skills, aptitudes and competences
  • Story telling: The art of communicating by making a story.
  • Social responsibility: Giving back to society.
  • Elevator pitch: Awaken interest and attract attention in 60 seconds.
  • Networking: The contact agenda: an asset of incalculable value.
  • Design thinking: Innovation is not conventional. Defying the status quo.
  • Leadership: The vision that motivates the team to achieve objectives.
  • Emotional intelligence: Beyond the intellect: managing emotions.
  • Time management: The difference between importance and urgency.
  • Visual Thinking: Look. See. Imagine. To show


  • Places that transform
  • Kendall Square & Harvard: The most innovative area and the University that has trained more than 80 Nobel Prizes.
  • Boston: Freedom Trail: traveling the origins of the United States.
  • GreentownLabs: Entrepreneurs from around the world fighting climate change.
  • Boston Museum of Fine Arts: Immersion in one of the first collections of art in America
  • MIT Martin Trust Center: Teaching talented young people how to create companies.
  • Cambridge Innovation Center: A benchmark entrepreneurship center that changes the world from innovation.
  • Google or Amazon: Companies that mark a turning point in the global community.
  • Koch Institute: Science and engineering: together conquering cancer.
  • Boston Museum of Science & Harvard Museum of Natural History.
  • Art & Tech: Technology as a tool for the expression of art. The two faces of human creativity. How technology complements art and contributes to innovation. The maker movement: The subculture based on the technological extension of Do It Yourself is imposed on the world.
  • Sports: The role of sport in the transmission of values and the development of the human being. Cultivate sports skills to improve academic performance.
  • Entrepreneurship: The DNA of the entrepreneur. Inspiration. Innovation. Leadership. Perseverance. Impact. Awakening the entrepreneurial instinct: The ideas of creative young people that are transformed into successful projects.
  • Fundraising: the first challenge: Strategies to develop and finance the best ideas.


  • Climbing Boston
  • The observation platform in the Customs
  • Tour of Fenway Park
  • Kayak on the Charles River
  • New England Aquarium
  • Brotherhoods and fraternities
  • Give back to the experience of society
  • Enjoying whale watching


  • Participants of the Richi Innovation camp reside on a university campus in Boston, in a student residence with rooms shared by 2 students with full restrooms.
  • The Richi Foundation team responsible for the organization and development of the Richi Innovation Camp will reside in the residence itself, supporting the participating students 24 hours a day.
  • Students participating in the Richi Innovation Camp are accommodated on a full-board basis.


  • Participation in all the activities that make up the Curriculum of the Richi Innovation Camp
  • Round trip transportation from the airport.
  • Accommodation and full board during your stay in Boston.
  • Transportation to all program activities.

Pick Up Policy

The students participating in the Richi Innovation Camp are picked up by the team responsible for the Richi Foundation from their arrival at the Boston Airport (Logan Airport) and transferred to the responsible personnel of the corresponding airline on the expected return date to their countries of origin.

VISA of access to USA.

The Richi Childhood Cancer Foundation will deliver to the families of the students participating in the Richi Innovation Camp, in advance, a letter of invitation to the Richi Innovation Camp, on behalf of the participating students. This document will make it possible to justify the processing of the mandatory ESTA type VISA to enter the United States.

Booking Policy

Request more information through the contact form of SoloCampamentos to be able to offer all the details and information of the program in its entirety.


Application Fee $6750 (Flight tickets and mandatory travel medical insurance not included).