A lot of kids feel interest and curiosity for knowing how food is cooked and how different dishes are made before we can eat them. For them, it is a complete experience being able to do with their own hands the main dishes they are going to eat after. Mixing, measuring, kneading... There are a lot of processes and techniques which are implemented for cooking, a huge range of activities that usually delight the little ones.

Cooking camps are the perfect option if our children feel motivated and drawn by culinary arts. Main dishes, desserts, cupcakes, pastries, decoration techniques, creative recipies and many others cooking techniques await them in cooking camps. They will be real chefs by the time they come back!


  • Development of creativity

    Creating and developing several dishes stimulate our kids' creativity, because, when cooking, our children are encoguraged to not only follow the recipe, but also to experiment and create new dishes. This way, cooking becomes a way to express their creativity, providing with everything they need to let their imagination run free.

  • Maths and sciences

    Cooking any kind of recipe involves following a set of mathematical and logical processes such as weighing, measuring, estimating quantities and calculating the cooking time. Through culinary arts, our children learn to associate, classificate, assimilate and proocess data and information while they have fun, which will be really useful in other subjets like sciences or maths.

    1518784338-C39.jpg104.74 KB
  • Teamwork

    When cooking, it is essential working all together. Usually, recipes are made in group, which means that coordination between cooks is key for an optimum result. Cooking camps are focus in children to learn how to comunicate and coordinate with others easily, instilling values such as fellowship and the pursuit of common good.

  • Incentive good eating habits.

    When a child makes a dish by himself, he is much more likely to taste it. In cooking camps, our kids will learn the nutritional properties of each food, techniques to mix them and the importance of following a healthy, balanced diet.

  • Promotion of hygiene

    1519660191-chef-camp.png628.27 KB
    When we make any recipe, it is really important to keep an appropiate level of hygiene and cleaning all the time. That's why in cooking camps we always promote a serie of habits of good hygiene before, during and after of cooking.
  • Taste development of natural flavours

    In cooking camps, our kids learn to combine food in order it taste and texture, try the different ingredients of each recipe and learn to appreciate the importance of eating natural food. Moreover, this way we teach children to eat any kind of meal and they discover a huge range of new flavours.

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Of course, cooking camps combine all this cooking workshops with other sports and leisure activities outdoors. Our hildren will enjoy cooking as much as multiadventure activities, day trips, gymkhanas, etc. All this activities can even be combined with learning English, as far as there are camps like Barcelona Teen Cheff Campm which have native and bilingual instructors so kids learn a new language at the same time they have fun.

There are also camps that mix different themes, such as Campmediterráneo Chef Cocina y Náutica, where kids can cook and enjoy sports like surf, snorkel, kayak or bodyboard. Or as Campamento de Cocina Monte Júcar Aventura, where they will mix main dishes with multiadventure activities in the nature. They will have a really good time!

1517997910-DSC_0237.JPG89.14 KB

However, if our kid is fascinated by confectionery, in Campamento de Repostería 3 en Raya he will learn everything he needs to be a good confectioner. They will learn how to do fondant cakes, cookies and cupcakes decoration, chocolate preparations, desserts, fruit skewers, and much more!

If you have a little chef at home, passionated about food, cooking camps are the perfect option for him to live an incredible experience this summer. And you'll never know where is the next Michelin Star!

Good luck searching your cooking camp this summer!