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Adventure Camps 647

Cantabria | 18-25 | 04/06 to 16/09/2023 | | 40 plazas

Camp for teenagers, come with your friends and enjoy a programmed holiday. Activities, guided tours and programmed parties.

Nautical Camps 650

Valencia | 8-17 | 01/07 to 28/07/2023 | | 100 plazas

Valle Abedules brings you a sailing camp in Valencia with activities like Surfing, Windsurf, Banana, Kayaking, Paddlesurf, sports, workshops etc.

Adventure Camps 349

Madrid | 6-16 | 24/06 to 01/09/2023 | | 160 plazas

Albergue Valle Adventure and Language Camp in Madrid. Adventure, sports and English and Spanish for foreigners linguistic immersion. For children of...

Adventure Camps 825

Madrid | 6-16 | 02/07 to 22/07/2023 | | 100 plazas

Juventud y Cultura offers a Spanish Camp in Madrid for students 6-16 years old where they learn Spanish with Spanish students in the El Escorial...

Sports Camps 500

Cantabria | 8-18 | 24/06 to 01/10/2023 | | 36 plazas

At Bm Surf Camp, learn to surf or develop your surfing whilst enjoying countless sports activities and water sports in Laredo, with top professionals.

Horse Camps 825

Guipúzcoa | 8-18 | 25/06 to 02/09/2023 | | 25 plazas

Miracampos Horse Riding Camp has been designed for passionate about horses and is focused on the equestrian world. Surf lessons can also be booked.

Football Camps 950

Madrid | 9-17 | 02/07 to 29/07/2023 | | 400 plazas

The Campus Experience is an opportunity that the Real Madrid Foundation is offering to both boys and girls aged between 9and 17 years of age

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Dance Camps 690640

Murcia | 7-17 | 21/07 to 30/07/2023 | | 50 plazas

Dance and Dance Camp with nautical activities. Camp lasting 10 days. From 7 to 17 years old, lovers of Dance, Music and Interpretation.

Surf Camps 699

Valencia | 7-17 | 02/07 to 26/08/2026 | | 250 plazas

Is a linguistic immersion camp with a residential inside the educational center, aimed at children aged over 7 to 17 years old.

Football Camps 295

Málaga | 6-14 | 02/07 to 05/08/2023 | | 100 plazas

This 12th July, the INTERNATIONAL PROFUTCAMPS MARBELLA will start. A one-of-a-kind event where students will live together with another students from...

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Sports Camps

Málaga | | | | 40 plazas

Profutcamps has programs adapted to each athlete, where we combine preparation for elite football, at all levels. With this program each player will...

Adventure Camps 460

Jaén | 10-14 | 04/07 to 10/08/2023 | | 150 plazas

Summer camp in the Parque Natural de Cazorla, Segura y las Villas that brings children to the natural environment and its virtues through sport in the...

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Music Camps 720670

Murcia | 7-17 | 11/07 to 20/08/2023 | | 65 plazas

The Arbolar Beach Rock Pop and Rock Music Camp lasts for ten days during July and August. Music, excursions, nautical activities and more.

Kitesurf Camps 2560

Cádiz | 13-17 | 30/06 to 14/07/2023 | | 29 plazas

Tarifa Kitesurf Camp is an exclusive residential summer camp for young people between 13 and 17 years old.

Football Camps 950

Madrid | 9-17 | 11/06 to 02/09/2023 | | 400 plazas

The objetive of Real Madrid Soccer Residential Camp is that the kids experience a positive alternative of fun and training, educating them in values

Spanish for Foreigners

In this section you can find the best choice of Spanish Summer Camps for Foreigners of 2019 for children and young people. You can find a wide variety of Spanish Summer Camps for Foreigners in Spain. SoloCampamentos offers a wide variety of programmes and courses, with sports activities, adventure activities, water sports, horse-riding and much more to enjoy. And these programmes guarantee Spanish for foreigners. All of our camps meet our set quality requirements, so your kids will always be in good hands. The native, bilingual teachers and instructors supervise the activities and speak in Spanish. Spanish camps for foreigners are perfect for practising and improving your language during the summer and meeting friends from all over the world. Come here to choose the best summer camp for your kids. Don’t hesitate to ask for information or call us and ask for all the details. Start searching now and find your ideal Spanish Summer Camp for foreigners!