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TEENS Wake y Español
Surf Camps 2450

Cádiz | 12-16 | 01/07 to 28/07/2023 | | 150 plazas

Intensive Wake Surf Camp (sport + wake + skills), or Intensive Spanish (sport + intensive Spanish classes) for teens aged 12 - 16 in Sotogrande.

Adventure Camps 935832

| 13-17 | 02/07 to 12/08/2023 | | 100 plazas

French and English camp in Biarritz. It is the perfect place to learn French or English and get to know young people from other countries. IP in...

Surf Camps 699

Valencia | 7-17 | 02/07 to 26/08/2026 | | 250 plazas

Is a linguistic immersion camp with a residential inside the educational center, aimed at children aged over 7 to 17 years old.

5 SoloCampamentos Gotadagua surf
Nautical Camps 649

| 12-18 | 24/06 to 02/09/2023 | | 50 plazas

Our junior surf camps are for teenagers between the ages of 12 and 18 years old. These camps include accommodation, surf courses, food and activities...

Horse Camps 825

Guipúzcoa | 8-18 | 25/06 to 02/09/2023 | | 25 plazas

Miracampos Horse Riding Camp has been designed for passionate about horses and is focused on the equestrian world. Surf lessons can also be booked.

Surf Camps 715

Cantabria | 6-17 | 25/06 to 26/08/2023 | | 30 plazas

Camp specialising in surfing in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea with the Solar Surf School, European champions in various disciplines.

Sports Camps 500

Cantabria | 8-18 | 24/06 to 01/10/2023 | | 36 plazas

At Bm Surf Camp, learn to surf or develop your surfing whilst enjoying countless sports activities and water sports in Laredo, with top professionals.

Surf Camps

In this section you can find the best choice of Summer Surfing Camps of 2019 for children and young people. Find a Surf Summer Camp now! SoloCampamentos offers a wide variety of programmes and courses on which you can meet children of all different nationalities and enjoy a whole host of different activities, such as technical surfing classes for learning and improving…and with linguistic immersion integrated into them as well. Surfing Camps are perfect for children to learn how to surf and develop their technique, or to discover a new sport and be taught by real-life professionals. All of our camps meet our set quality requirements, so your kids will always be in good hands. Come here to search for and choose the best summer surfing camp for your kids. Don’t hesitate to ask for information or call us and ask for all the details. Start searching now and find the right Surf Camp for you! We have the best Surf camps in Spain