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Adventure Camps 585

Cantabria | 6-16 | 30/06 to 20/07/2024 | | 60 plazas

Multi-adventure camp Naturkids in Cantabria. Surf, canoes, neo-cave, the largest maze in Spanish, cheese factory, leather workshop

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Adventure Camps 635

Cantabria | 17-25 | 30/06 to 20/07/2024 | | 40 plazas

Camp for teenagers, come with your friends and enjoy a programmed holiday. Activities, guided tours and programmed parties.

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Surf Camps 649

Cantabria | 9-16 | 23/06 to 28/07/2024 | | plazas

Surf camp in Somo, Cantabria. From 9 to 17 years old. They learn to know the sea, the waves, and everything related to this sport in a very fun way....

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Surf Camps 617

Cantabria | 6-17 | 30/06 to 20/07/2024 | | 30 plazas

Camp specialising in surfing in the waters of the Cantabrian Sea with the Solar Surf School, European champions in various disciplines.


In this section you can find the best choice of Summer Camps of 2019 for children and young people in Cantabria. Search for Camps in Cantabria by theme and location! SoloCampamentos offers a wide variety of programmes and courses, with sports activities, adventure activities, surfing and water sports, and much more to enjoy. And many of these camps have linguistic immersion integrated into them. All of our camps meet our set quality requirements, so your kids will always be in good hands. Cantabria's beautiful natural environment and magnifiicent coasts make this an ideal place to go to summer camp. Come here to choose the best summer camp for your kids. Don’t hesitate to ask for information or call us and ask for all the details. Start searching now and find the ideal Summer Camp for you in Cantabria!