Campamentos ARBOLAR

Music Camp "Arbolar BeachRock"

  • 7-17
  • Taught in Español, Español para extranjeros
  • Calle Antonio Sánchez Cáceres, 4. C.P. 30880 Águilas, Murcia. España.

  • Full Board
  • July
  • 65
  • 1 monitor per 10 students


The Arbolar Beach Rock Music Camp lasts for ten days during the months of July and August. Children will be able to enjoy music classes on the instrument they choose together with professionals of recognized prestige, as well as excursions and nautical activities. Arbolar is a Spanish company dedicated, for twenty years now, to the socio-cultural, sports and tourism field. It is specialized in organizing camps, study tours, language courses under a “linguistic immersion” regime, nautical activity courses, etc.

It carries out its operations in the province of Murcia, in the town of Äguilas (Murcia) Our operations center is the ARBOLAR Residence and Active Tourism Center in Aguilas (Murcia). It is a center managed by us in a direct, familiar and personal way.


During the program, the participants will receive a Modern Rock and Pop Music Course, they will carry out nautical activities (light sailing, paddle surfing and canoeing), entertainment activities and excursions.

The boys and girls of the Arbolar BeachRock music camp will carry out the following activities related to the world of music:

Music classes:

Three hours a day for 7 days divided into work groups that will cover five modalities: voice, guitar, bass, keyboard and drums. Specific workshops and live performances will be held.

Video recording of the Camp Rock History

  • Workshops Musical group management

  • Workshop dance workshop

  • Staging workshop Great final performance.

  • Sound and light material

  • Workshop final concert

Basic instrument.

The boys and girls will start or perfect the chosen instrument (keyboard, electric guitar, bass, drums or voice). We will provide all the musical instruments that are going to be used, although if you prefer to bring your guitar, your keyboard, etc... you can do so.

Nautical activities:

  • Sail

  • Paddle surfing

  • Canoeing


Hiking along the route of the four coves.

Recreational and sports activities:

These activities (workshops, sports on the beach, games, etc.) will be combined daily with musical activities and water sports and will make the program more varied and entertaining.

Musical evenings

At night, after dinner, other activities are organized that will serve as the culmination of a very intense day: animations

  • Games

  • Barbecue

  • Parties

  • Chill-out,…


Our operations center is the Arbolar-BeaBeah Residence in Aguilas (Murcia). Inaugurated in the summer of 2020, our residence aims to provide a comprehensive service to those groups that use our facilities.

Those enrolled in the shift from July 11 to 20 can choose between staying at the residence (€720) or at the 4-star Hotel "Juan Montiel" (€830).

The facility has:

  • 65 accommodation places

  • Located on the first line of the coast.

  • 15 rooms for an occupancy of between 4 and 6 people.

  • All rooms are equipped with air conditioning, heating and bathroom.

  • Dining room and multipurpose room.

  • Internet and WIFI connections in the facility.


  • Stay in rooms for 4 - 6 people.

  • Full maintenance (as indicated in the program).

  • Monitors throughout the stay.

  • Transportation for excursions.

  • Scheduled activities and material for their realization.

  • Accident and Liability Insurance.


Pick Up Policy

The campers must join the Arbolar facilities and later return home, by their own means. Only if there are at least 25 interested campers for a camp, Arbolar will charter a Madrid-Águilas-Madrid bus, which will pay for the camp (€90 one way + return). They would be accompanied by 1 or 2 monitors.

  • If you are interested in this service, reflect it in the "Observations" section of the registration form.

  • For the camps from July 1 to 10 and from July 11 to 20, we offer the Madrid-Camp-Madrid bus service. For the rest of the dates we have to wait to know the number of campers interested in said service.

  • Arbolar would pick up at no additional cost, the campers who arrive by their own means at the train or bus stations in Águilas.

  • For the collection or transfer of campers from other destinations, connect with Arbolar to see feasibility and costs.

Booking Policy

Request more information through the SoloCampamentos contact form to be able to offer you all the details and information of the program in its entirety.


Non-cumulative discounts of 30 euros are offered for the following cases:

For brothers , for large families , by attending more than one camp, for being part of a group (3 or more participants) by repeaters