Valle Abedules

Albergue Valle Abedules Adventure and Language Camp

  • 6-16
  • Taught in Inglés, Español para extranjeros, Español
  • M-610, Km 15.
    M-610, Km15
  • Breakfast, lunch, dinner and supper
  • June
  • 160
  • 15 supervisors + 2 coordinators + 5 support supervisors


Shift Dates Ages Price Status
8 Days 22/06/2024-29/06/2024 6-16 520 Available
8 Days 29/06/2024-06/07/2024 6-16 520 Available
8 Days 06/07/2024-13/07/2024 6-16 520 Available
8 Days 13/07/2024-20/07/2024 6-16 495 Available
8 Days 20/07/2024-27/07/2024 6-16 495 Available
8 Days 27/07/2024-03/08/2024 6-16 469 Available
8 Days 03/08/2024-10/08/2024 6-16 450 Available
8 Days 10/08/2024-17/08/2024 6-16 450 Available
8 Days 17/08/2023-24/08/2023 6-16 450 Available
8 Days 24/08/2024-31/08/2024 6-16 450 Available
15 Days 22/06/2024-06/07/2024 6-16 895 Available
15 Days 29/06/2024-13/07/2024 6-16 895 Available
15 Days 06/07/2024-20/07/2024 6-16 895 Available
15 Days 13/07/2024-27/07/2024 6-16 895 Available


The Albergue Valle Camp has more than 15 years experience running summer camps and our objective is to offer children the tools they need for their personal development, promoting fun and group spirit. Enjoy this perfect adventure camp in Bustarviejo, just 45 minutes from Madrid.

Our camps are based around the so pioneering personal education that we offer our students, which promotes self-knowledge, empathy and self-esteem, benefitting the personal and academic performance of our students. Throughout the camp, each group takes part in a playful and enjoyable project, in which the kids demonstrate their enterprising spirit:
  • Survival Project (Light-Hearted with fun survival games) 
  • All-Encompassing project - personal development and enterprising spirit 
  • To enhance their social relationships and forge new friendships.
  • To encourage them to value themselves and their ability to do daily tasks.
  • To work as team and teach them about their personal responsibility in group activities.
  • To instill them with decent values and strong character.
  • To develop their personality through physicl and intellectual activities.
  • To teach them to use their leisure time in a productive way.
  • To improve their quality of life and their health through nature activities


Adventure activities:
  • Zip line
  • Adventure circuit: monkey walk, Tibetan bridge
  • Climbing wall
  • Archery
  • Hiking, orienteering
  • Games
  • Night show and parties
  • Arts and crafts workshops
  • Junior chef workshop
  • Painting nature - land art
  • Popular games
  • Sports (football, badminton, volleyball)
  • Swimming pool 

Activities with animals:
  • Falconry: including activities with a Harris' hawk and an owl. We observe it flying and call it to land on our arms.
  • The stable and farm and other animals: Ponies and horses, pig, chickens, sheep, small rabbits, guinea pigs...Help look after and feed the animals.
  • Horses: Horse trek, led by instructors

Water activities:
  • Canoeing
  • Paddle surfing
  • Windsurfing
*Activity with extra cost: 18 €

Optional canoeing activity 18 €

Personal Development and Emotional Intelligence
Detecting positive and negative emotions, knowing how to deal with negative emotions and boosting positive emotions. We aim to teach the kids how to create a product which helps them to convey their experiences and demonstrate to their friends during the activity the skills they use to relate better, empathise and to share everything through fun games. 

Bilingual programme option
Supervisors from the official "George Washington" language school.

Activities in English: Extra price July - 50 € a week, 100 € per 2 weeks. Fun, participatory English. July - 3 hours/day| August - 6 hours/day.
Bilingual native supervisors, classes are not taught in the classroom, activities are done in English. The teacher corrects the pupils and the language is practised naturally through games.

In collaboration with George Washington School - Language school (specialised in conversation classes). Native English teachers. Professionalism together with experience.


Less than an hour from Madrid,
The Abedules Valley Hostel Camp consists of 25, 000 m² of land at the heart of a beautiful valley, running alongside Guadarrama National Park (Sierra Norte). 
  • Zip line
  • 12 8-person rooms
  • 2 25-person wood cabins (with ensuite bathrooms)
  • 3 10-person wood cabins 
  • 2 adapted bathrooms
  • Games
  • 2 changing rooms (showers with screens, toilets and sinks)
  • Adventure circuit
  • Climbing wall
  • Outdoor swimming pool
  • Dining room
  • Outdoor picnic area
  • Games room/classroom/workshop
  • Infirmary


  • Food: We have a highly experienced kitchen team who will cater for allergies and intolerances, as well as special menu for religious requirements. The food is made every day on our facilities with fresh ingredients from the area which comply with current regulations.
  • Supervisors and staff: The AVACAMP motto is to make sure that camps are enjoyable and at the same time that the children can share and learn to live together. Our team is formed of recognised professionals with lots of experience in the different areas of the programme: languages, education and creativity, sport and leisure and free time.


Pick Up Policy

Optional bus service. Departure from Santiago Bernabéu stadium.

  • Outward journey: 10 € - Return: 10 €
  • Round trip: 20 €
  • Afternoon arrival from 15.30-17.30 apart from 1 July when arrival is in the morning 9.30 - 11.30. 

Booking Policy

Cancellations: 50% of the paid cost will be refunded if the cancellation is made 60 days or more in advance of the start of the camp. Any other Abedules Valley Hostel Camp cancellations will not allow any kind of refund to the customer. If the customer does not attend the camp, there will be no possibility for a refund.

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme. .