SoloCampamentos is a database of children’s summer camps, created with the goal of providing parents with somewhere to find quality camps.

We are aware, since we go through them ourselves first-hand, of the doubts that parents can have about sending their child to a children’s camp: “Will they be alright?”, “Will they be looked after if something happens?”, “Will they be fed properly?”. These are doubts that enter the minds of all parents when their child goes to camp, even more so if it is for the first time.

But at the same time, you are also thinking about how this type of experience can benefit them, so you aren’t going to let these fears stop your kids having a great time, making friends from Spain and all over the world. Because we ourselves look back and remember the great moments we had every summer at camp, and we want our kids to enjoy themselves as much as we did.

This is why we decided to create this platform. Our objective was to design the perfect place for camps, parents and kids to exchange information, opinions and experiences and as such, give kids an unforgettable adventure at high quality camps. And today we can stand proudly and say that we’ve done it!

On this site, you can find the camps that meet quality standards, the camps that we can assure you will look after your children. Above all, we take away any of the doubts that you might have, leaving you content in the knowledge that your kids are in safe hands.

Our mission is to guarantee our users the highest level of security, confidence and quality for their children.

Therefore, all the camps that you find on our site meet the quality standards that we set. We consider it essential that staff are qualified, that facilities comply with current legal regulations, that they have the necessary permits and licences for running a camp, that they have experience in organising activities, that personalised medical attention is available, that they have the right insurance, that they comply with the programme that they have offered and that they show respect at all times, among other aspects.

After the year we have just had, we can say that SoloCampamentosis running smoothly and that the parents that last year called upon us to find them a place for their kids to enjoy the summer, ended up satisfied!