This article is about dance camps and music camps, and all the benefits that they can offer your children. All kids love to dance from a young age. So often you see that as soon as any music comes on, your kids start to dance. Not only is dance a great hobby for children to pick up from a young age, it is extremely beneficial to children, both physically and mentally.
Above all, dance and music camps help kids to develop good coordination and balance, through the rhythms and coordinated steps that form part of dance sequences. It also helps to correct bad posture that kids may have developed in their daily lives. This is because learning to dance requires good posture and coordination, meaning the kids must learn to have good posture, which they can then apply to their daily lives.
Dance does not just have health benefits but also helps to improve social skills. At dance camps, you are often working in a team and so the children develop coordination skills, as well as learning to socialise with kids of around their own age.
In terms of social relationships, dance and music also improve children’s’ self-esteem and creativity. They find in dance a different form of expressing themselves and expressing their feelings through their bodies and movements. 
Another positive aspect of dance camps is that, according to various studies, kids that learn dance from from a young age get better grades. This is because, amongst other aspects, they have gained the discipline that dance demands of them, and so they can structure their study time better. Dance also improves children’s’ memory, as they have to memorise all the steps of sequences or learn the lyrics of a song, developing their memories.
As well as this, dance and music camps run physical activities that can be a huge help for kids who are shy or nervous. This can help them to relax and release the adrenaline that they are holding in.
The rhythm of music, accompanied by a musical instrument or clapping, helps kids to acquire a greater sense of rhythm.
You should never laugh at your child or make them feel uncomfortable about their dancing style. On the contrary, you should always encourage them to carry on doing it in their own way. 
The Campamentos de Baile, Danza y Artes escénicas Lyo (Lyo Dance and Performing Arts Camp), in Madrid, run intensive Dance and Modern Dance courses, in hip hop, contemporary dance, funky, jazz or other similar styles. 

La escuela de Tiempo Libre 3 en raya (3 en Raya Summer Camp) teaches many different styles of dance, including contemporary, hip hop, funky, modern dance, oriental dance etc. With an intensive programme of classes and recreational activities.
Dance has many physical and emotional advantages that everyone, regardless of age, can enjoy. Dance and music camps are a perfect way for kids to make the most of them. Good luck with your search.