If your child is 3-5 years old, you may not know what the best option is for them in terms of summer camps. But there are many camps that are specifically designed for young children. The best option for children of this age are infant day camps, as they are too young to spend time away from home.

We have spoken in a previous article about what the right age is for children to go to a summer camp. As we mentioned then, it depends more on what the child is like than their age: they could be mature for their age or have developed beyond their years. But normally, 3-4 years old is too young for kids to spend the night away from home. Infant camps are much more appropriate for young children. These offer kids fun-filled summers doing a whole host of engaging activities.

The majority of these camps start at 8 or 9 in the morning, which tends to coincide with the start of the parent's work day. This makes them a good option for parents who have to work during summer when their kids are on holiday and have no-one to leave them with. That way, parents can drop off their children at infant camp knowing they will enjoy a day of fun with children of their own age, doing a wide variety of activities, led by professional supervisors, and pick them up at the end of the day.

They all provide food and will cater for any kind of dietary requirement that your child may have.

Most of these camps can adapt their schedules to that of the parents, for example if you start work early or finish late. A good example of this is Escuela de Nuevas Músicas (School of New Music), which can adapt to the needs of both the children and their parents. Children of this age are usually used to the school timetable, so many of the camps work by the same timetable.

There is a wide variety of themed day camps to send your children to. If your child likes sports, there are many options available: Padel, Football, Tennis etc. These sports are usually supplemented with other activities like workshops and other sports.

There are also language camps, where they can be introduced to a foreign language from a young age. These camps offer many different types of activities, such as horse-riding, archery, contests, swimming, trips out etc. And all of these are done in English (and other languages), giving the students a total linguistic immersion.

There are also technology day camps for infants, where children can discover the world of technology, through age-appropriate activities that provide learning and enjoyment.

If you are interested in an infants day camp this summer, take at look at our section and choose one that is right for your child. Good luck with your search.