Mothers and fathers can instinctively tell whether or not their child is ready to go to a summer camp and this is the first sign for knowing if they are ready or not.The recommended age to go to a summer camp for the first time tends to be between 5 and 6 years old, although in reality, looking beyond age, you have to concentrate on your child's skills and personality. Every child is different.

You have to keep in mind that the child is going to be safe place and that the supervisors will help them to integrate, making their stay at camp easier. The supervisors' mission is to involve the kids in the camp and to make sure they are alright during their stay.

For all children, going off to camp is an adventure and they will surely be excited about it. You have inspire them by talking about the adventures they're going to have, trying not to convey any worries that you may have.They will notice this and it could affect whether or not they want to go to camp.One great way to work out how your child feels about going to camp is to search for the camp with them. Show them the camp website, the activities they are going to do, the photographs of other children doing activities at the camp, the facilities etc. This way, you can sense your child's reaction and whether or not they are excited about going to camp.

Another thing to consider is whether your child is prepared to spend 7 or 15 days away from home. It may be that your child has never spent a night away from home and you don't know how they would react. One way of working out whether your child is ready to be away from home is to send them to stay with a friend for a weekend to see their reaction, whether they have problems or whether, on the contrary, they enjoy the experience.

If you observe that your child is not ready to spend the night away from home, there is also the option of day camps, at which the kids to activities during the day but return home at the end of the day. This is a great option for those children who are not yet ready to live away from home but want to spend their summer with other children, do activities and most importantly, feel constantly comfortable.

It’s not right to pressure a child to go to camp since the objective is to make them enjoy the experience.

But you also have to keep in mind that there is a first time for everything, and that includes for children going to camp. Rest assured that all our camps have qualified supervisors who know exactly how to deal with these types of situations.

Overall, using your instinct is the best way of knowing if your child is ready to go to camp because you know your kids best and can speak to them about it with a positive attitude. These are the factors that will tell you whether your child is ready to have an amazing summer at a quality summer camp!