Surfing is one of the most popular sports in summer. Sliding down the waves, feeling the wind in your face and enjoying the sound of the sea… It is an experience that makes more and more kids falling in love with surfing. It’s more, surfing is not only the trendy sport, it also provides our kids with a lot of benefits and values for their lives.

Therefore, the best option to enjoy the summer is going to a surf camp, where children will learn how to surf in a easy, safe way, always being supervised by professional instructors. Moreover, in surf camps our kids will enjoy much more summer camp activities and games, and even learn other languages. So get ready your wetsuit and surfboard, and come to a surf camps to catch waves!


  • Keeping in touch with nature.

    Due to the fast pace of life during the academic year, for a lot of children it is not possible to go to the beach often, so this kind of camps gives them the perfect opportunity for enjoying both the sea and the natural environment. Thanks to surfing, our kids will be able to feel the benefits of outdoors activities and healthy leisure, breathing pure air and learning to be respectful with the environment.

  • Better self-esteem.

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    The eagerness to better themselves and the effort that an activity like this requires, makes teeneagers and kids more confident, helping them to get over their fears and to face the challenges ahead. In surf camps, values as fellowship, solidarity and teamwork are present at all times, so children can socialize and make friends easily.

  • Better psychomotor development.

    Surfing is a really complete activity that requires a huge concentration to applicate the technical knowledge. It is important to be aware of the medium that surround us, control our emotions and feel confident when catching the wave. All of this makes surfing a sport that develops our psychomotor skills, improving the coordination and the physical form of our kids, increasing strenght, resistence and balance.

  • Broad range of activities.

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    In surf camp, our kids are not only going surfing, they will do a broad range of activities as well. Football, volley, tours, gymkhanas or banana boat are just few of the activities the will do in the camp. It is possible to combinate this activities with the practise of another language through linguistic workshops and bilingual or native instructors.
  • Qualified and professional instructors.

    Surf camps are runned by qualified professionals who help kids when practising any activity in the camp, including lifeguard and first aid qualifications. In bilingual and international camps, instructors are either native or bilingual, and they always try to encourage kids to learn another language.

Surf camps are for everyone, experienced or not, as far as there are classes adapted to every level and age. Surf camps target children and teeneagers between 7 and 18 years old, and the instructors provide everything you need for surfing (neoprene wetsuit and a surfboard).

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In Spain, we have many beaches for surfing, especially in the north. Areas as Cantabria coast or La Coruña have great places for the practise of several aquatic sports, with perfect waves to learn or improve surfing.

Some surf camps allow children to combinate surfing with other activities in a natural environment. For example, Campamento Calima Surf o Naturaventura Multiadventure in Cantabria, both include in their programs interesting routes and excursions through the countryside. This summer you do not need to choose between sea and mountain!

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Others, as Campamento de Surf Egacamps, run tours either to the nearest cities or to aquariums, aquatic park and planetariums, so children can keep on learning and enjoying beyond beach activities. Also, it is possible to learn a new language at the camp, as far as there are surf camps which include language workshops and activities, as Deporcantabria Surfcamp International or Campamento Naútico Valencia Yes You Can.

And if your family vacations do not consider a full time camp, there are morning or daily surf camps as well. For example, Lacunza Summer Camp o BM Surf have different options so you can choose the better schedule for your kid.

Whatever kind of surf camp you prefer, the registration period is already open for surf camps. Hurry up and do not miss your place!

Good luck searching your surf camp!