There is huge demand for Surfing Camps and Sailing Camps amongst children, because they combine fun, the beach, and adventure activities all inside the camp, making them a great choice for summer.
Surfing is a sport that is practised worldwide and there are professional level competitions anywhere in the world. There is just one thing that is essential: the right waves to ensure excellent surfing.
As well as all the activities already mentioned, many of the camps combine these activities with linguistic immersion, both in English and in other languages.
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We have often talked about the importance of languages, and when they are combined with a hobby, in this case surfing, it can spark the children's interest in the language, as it is necessary or really helps them to develop and get involved in the sport. Fluency in languages brings with it all kinds of possibilities and it may be that your children see it as more important when it is not presented as studying a language, but as a means to an ends, enjoying a sport that they are passionate about.
For this reason, many Surfing camps and Sailing camps incorporate linguistic immersion or language classes into their programmes. There are summer surfing camps for children, young people and adults, surfing classes, winter camps, surfing camps with English, surfing camps with Longskate, surfing camps with Skate, surfing day camps. You can generally find surfing classes for all ages and levels.
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On their websites, surfing camps display their respective hostel and activity licences, bar and restaurant licences in case they are allowed to serve their students, maximum capacity, location, normal climate, opening dates(many of them are open throughout the year), prices, available discounts, whether they have shortboards, bodyboards or wetsuits (necessary for surfing), whether they have the option to rent material and whether there is a surfing shop. They also indicate what official surfing school networks they belong to.
As well as these, they have many activities on their programmes, such as: yoga & stretching, surfboard workshop, go-karting, kayaking, activities and outdoor trips, talks about meteorology, paintball, football & basketball, adventure, paddle surf, language classes, environmental education, creative IT classes, theatre workshop, responsible consumption
Qualified surfing and sailing instructors teach the lessons and make these summer camps benchmarks in terms of the quality of the teaching. The instructors are essential for controlling the children and organising the different activities: the lessons in the sea and on the beach, games, gatherings, sports competitions, volleyball, barbecues, language classes, paddleboards, kitesurfing, parties etc.
The direction and management of the summer camps is the responsibility of professional teams of ambitious and capable young people with experience in this sector. It is this that make surfing and sailing camps so successful amongst the youngest children. The ratio of supervisors tends to be 1 per 5-7 students. Here is a list of the most common activities in these two types of camp:

Sailing Camp activities: Windsurfing, catamaran, kitesurfing, dinghy, cruising sail, GPS, paddle surfing, ski bus, kayak surfing, bodyboard, canoeing, climbing wall, rock climbing, beach volleyball / beach football, orienteering, sea raid and treasure hunt, knot tying, basic sailing navigation, aquaplaning, giant skis, high balloon, go-karting, funtrack...

Surfing camp activities: Developing confidence in the water, basic safety rules, priority rules, how the peak works (wind, tide, swell, currents, how and where to enter and leave the water etc.), position on the board, paddling, crossing foam, standing up on the boards, timing of the waves, position on the wave, how to reach the peak, skimming stones, wave class finding the crest of the wave, basic turns, surfing different types of waves, seabed, advanced manoeuvres, improving and perfecting.
Without doubt, this is a fantastic option for a summer camp. Have a look here at surfing camps and sailing camps on Solocampamentos. All of themm meet quality standards and are a sure bet for this summer. Enjoy the summer surrounded by waves, have a great time and do activities that can become future hobbies! For all levels and ages (learning and development).
You will have an unforgettable time full of action and high emotion!