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The best plan for summer is, undoubtedly, going to a camp because our children have a lot of fun with new friends and lots of amazing activities! It is a great experience for them but we, as parents, we seek they take advantage of every minute they spend at a camp and they learn to develop their skills.

There are certain camps specialised in talent and social skills development to bring forth the potential kids have. How will they work at this type of camps?

  • Emotional skills

    Identify why you are feeling like that and be able to manage the situation is one of the most important things kids should learn. Recognise our own emotions and act accordingly are skills that can be developed at these camps by workshops and games so that they can share their feelings and thoughts without being embarrassed. Besides, they will also learn from their new friends

  • Social skills

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    Being in contact with other people will be very useful either during their childhood or in the adult life. Communication, empathy, assertiveness and problem-solving are some of the skills our children will develop during their stay at the camp. They can put it into practise with their friends and forget about shyness!

  • Creativity and imagination

    The mind of a child has limitless creativity but, can you imagine how far it can go if it is boosted? Camps for talent and social skills development work creativity with specific activities that allow imagination to fly very high, such as cooking, robotics or handicrafts. We want to give them the chance to develop their creativity to the maximum!

  • Learning methods

    Kids need to learn what to do with all the new data and information they get at school or at a camp, so we work their attention and concentration capacity. They are also needed to play basketball or dancing, not only studying! We specially highlight motivation, a pending subject for too many kids. Learning can be very funny!

Camps for talent and social skills development work all the above mentioned points, following a very complete programme full of amazing activities but also for fun learning! The best part is that this type of camps do not focus only on the development of very concrete skills, but they combine different disciplines, such as sports, theatre or languages, so that our children can develop in all aspects.


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  • Camps for emotional intelligence development

    There are certain camps which offer the possibility of combining several programmes, such as Crece Bien day camp, where kids work emotional intelligence, social skills and creativity by following a customizable programme. Your children will enjoy while they learn with techniques for a better study and motivation with cooking workshops, magic, robotics, and a lot more!

  • Sport camps

    If your kid love football, surf or any other sport, do not let him lose his interest! Sport camps, such as the WOB basketball camps, work different individual and team techniques so that kids come back home as great professionals! They will learn everything related to their favourite sport and will work important values such as respect for others and desire for self-improvement.

  • Theatre camps

    What is better than a theatre camp, such as the Campus Juvenil de Teatro Madrid, for those kids willing to learn to dominate their emotions? Our instructors will teach them everything they need to let their emotions flow so they will have a lot of fun interpreting different characters with their own personality! A great choice for the development of communication skills.

  • Social skills camps

    Youth Camp fosters self-knowledge and emotional intelligence as the fundamental basis of honest people, with capacity for analysis and empathy, committed to their environment, motivated and proactive. And this will be possible while they enjoy nature, multiadventure activities, swimming-pool and new friends!

  • Linguistic camps

    Our children will learn English, French or German without any difficulty at linguistic camps! Native teachers and a very complete programme of activities will make their stay amazing and will meet lots of international new friends. EF camps offer different destinations in Europe or United Estates and kids will develop their learning capacity, as well as concentration and memory. Learning a new language has many advantages!!

  • 1494427371-actividades-de-verano.jpg126.58 KB

    Music camps

    You will work your body language, self-esteem and emotions at music camps, and will follow a daily schedule for rehearsing and learning. For sure, kids will have a lot of fun and will enjoy with new friends and activities full of rhythm, such as the programme from the link text FSO Summer Camp. Our children will learn from professional musicians!

  • Artistic camps

    Photography, painting, drawing, sculpture… We also have the perfect camp for the most artistic and creative kids! Artistic camps, such as Aventurama, in Cuenca, has a wide variety of activities so that they develop their most artistic side while they enjoy nature. They will not only learn new techniques to develop their skills, but also to express emotions through different disciplines related to art.

  • Tech camps

    Tech camps provide our children with lots of benefits, such as creativity and values. They will love this type of camps since they will work with new technologies combined with other complementary activities, such as excursions or languages. The 3 en Raya camp is the perfect choice to mix technology, new skills and nature this summer!

Good luck searching your camp for talent and social skills development!