The summer camps have arrived, and with them, packing your case! Make sure you don’t forget anything!

You so often start to pack your suitcase and end up not fitting everything in. So Solocampamentos have provided you with some advice for fitting everything that your kids are going to need at summer camp into their suitcase.

Depending on the age of your kids, it will be you or them who packs their case. If they are very young and you have to pack it yourself, it is recommended to do it with them, and to keep letting them now what is going in so that when they arrive at camp, they know what they have in their suitcase.

The main thing is to pack way in advance, so as to work out what they need to bring and so you have time to buy anything they may need.

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You will have to think about the suitcase that you choose, as your child needs to be able to carry it. It is also wise to label your suitcase with a name or something to distinguish it from the rest so that it is easy to identify if there are similar cases.

The first thing to do is to prepare everything that your child needs to bring with him to camp, keeping in mind all the activities they are going to do, what they’re going to be doing there, whether the camp has a laundry service or not…The main thing is to pack in everything that our kids are really going to need, leaving unnecessary things to one side.

Many summer camps provide a list with items that participants need to bring or which they recommend. If the summer camp you have chosen provides this list, it is extremely useful for not forgetting anything. And if not, make a list yourself of things you need to pack so that you don’t forget anything.

One of the techniques for getting all your clothes in is to fold it, thereby saving space as well as stopping the clothes from creasing and ordering your suitcase.

Firstly, pack the things that weigh the most and crease the least, for example, shoes, wash bag…Unlike others, these items will stay hollow amongst the others so you can use these hollows to park belts, hairbrushes, socks…

You can also pack belts stretched out, keeping the suitcase in order, as stretched out they take up more space.

Don’t forget to pack a bag for your child’s dirty laundry whilst at camp, so they can separate their dirty from clean clothes on their return.

We hope that this advice will help you prepare your child’s case. Now you’re ready to pack!