Our summer camp is getting closer and closer, and it's time to get everything ready and think in what we are going to pack. For that, the first step is to have a detailed packing checklist where we will cross the thing as we get them included in our lugage. That's the only way to not forget anything! We also recommend to do it with our kids, so they get involved and know where is every little thing.

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  • Sneakers: If there is something you need in a camp, is a comfortable, appropiate shoes to run and jump around as much as you can and enjoy every activity as much as you can. Si hay algo que no puede faltar en un campamento, es un calzado cómodo y adecuado que te permita saltar y correr para disfrutar del entorno y las actividades lúdicas al máximo.

  • Towels and flipflops: At least, it is necessary to have one bath towel, another one for the pool, and flipflops. We can also include a small towel for hands and face.

  • Cap and sunglasses: In summer camps, most activities are outdoors, so it is important to be prepared and protected from the sun in order to avoid sunstrokes and sunburn.

  • Toiletries: The best is to have a toilet bag with everything we are going to need for our personal hygiene daily: gel, shampoo, toothbrush, toothpaste, a comb, moisturizer, lip balm and insect repellent.

  • Sunscreen: Since we are going to be a lot of time exposed to the sun, we must have a good quality sun cream with a sun protection factor of 30 minimun. We must reapply it every two hours and after going in the water.

  • Swimsuits: We must include two swimsuits at least, so we can enjoy every dip in the pool and have a change of clothes.

  • Small backpack for excursions: Besides the main suitcase or backpack, it is really useful to have a small backpack for daily use and carrying the little things we could need in a day trip or tour.

  • Torch: A lantern is a must for any explorer, and it will make easier to see in the dark during night.

  • Sleeping bag or sheets: Sometimes, they are provided by the camp organization, but usually we need to include a sleeping bag or sheets in our lugage.

  • A copy of the medical card: Generally, summer camps have an insurance in case of accident, but it is good to have a copy of the medical card for added peace of mind.

Obviously, we must include the bassic of any bagagge: underwear, several clothing kits depending on the duration of the adventure, a hoody, pyjamas, and a bag for dirty clothes. It is also important to tag every single personal item with our kid's name, in order to avoid losses and mix-ups.

We are sure that, with this essentials packing checklist and a lot of enthusiasm, our children will be ready to live an unforgettable adventure!

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