Summer camp is fast approaching and you are getting ready all the things your child needs, listing everything so that they don’t forget them at the last moment.

For some of you, this will be the first year that your child is going to a camp, amongst other reasons, because they’ve not previously been old enough to go; there are a thousand and one reasons that this is the first, but the main thing is that it is a decision that will benefit both you and your child. Make the most of it!

The closer the start of summer camp comes, the more excited our children will get about the idea of camping. This is normal. They’re going to experience a lot of new things. They don’t know who they’re going to meet there. But that nervousness is good: it keeps them excited.

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The most important thing is to relax in the knowledge that behind every camp is a great organization and team looking after your children at
summer camp. You may think they are too small or shy to face this kind of situation, they can exceed your expectations. This time will be no different from the rest. They will surely have a great time at summer camp.

It's great for kids to go to camp and socialize with other children of their own age, and we have discussed above all the benefits that the summer camps have to offer our kids.

You should not forget that they will be in good hands. The team, all the supervisors, coordinators and camp directors at your chosen camp will put all their efforts and enthusiasm into making sure the camp runs smoothly and that the children have a great time.

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So prepare your suitcase and look forward to camp with energy and excitement.Your child will have a great time this summer and we will do our best to alleviate any of the concerns you may have about how they will respond to living in a summer camp. All kids should be encouraged to try out new situations and challenges so that they can develop as people. This is a positive thing!

You shouldnt force them, but there are times when their uncertainty makes them doubt. We have to recognise this and encourage them, telling them about how much fun they are going to have there: the activities they're going to do, the new friends they will make, all the memories they are going to have ... because after all, you remember fondly what your first time at summer camp was like.

And if you have not yet found the perfect camp for your child this summer, take a look at You’ll find different offers for activitiy camps, different locations, language camps and many more where they can have a great summer!

Good luck with your search!