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When summer comes, lots of kids leave their school bags in their rooms until September, and it is so hard to pick up the pace again with some subjects such as languages! Kids do not have to spend summer time doing homework at home to avoid this because there is a better alternative to learn a language while they have fun: linguistic summer camps! You can choose either day camp or overnight camp.

They study a lot during the school year but they can learn a new language by new methodologies which allow them to practise all day, doing new activities with new friends MINIMUM 50% OF INTERNATIONAL CAMPERS GUARANTEED!:

  • Project based learning

    The language camps have 20 lessons per week that are based on a methodology of learning by projects, a proven method that is fun, interactive and very effective, which makes the students learn while having fun, develop their creativity, their work skills as a team and his leadership skills.

  • Sports and games

    Linguistic camps usually gather kids not only from Spain but also kids searching for a great method to study Spanish for foreigners. The mix of nationalities is amazing! Your children will meet lots of new friends while they play and practise sports, and their communication skills will improve very much. It is time to say “goodbye” to shyness!

  • Night out parties

    Night out parties are very common at summer camps because they are just a technique for kids to enjoy their stay! Telling stories and parties, gymkhanas and lots of games are waiting for our children to live an unforgettable experience as well as they develop their communication skills while practising different languages.

Definitively, linguistic camps are the ideal choice for kids to refresh their knowledge of English during summer. And we love Enforex camps because they offer several destinations and options to find the perfect summer camp!


    1459955936-mlg_01.jpg84.66 KB

    Activities programmed at Enforex Summer Camp in Malaga are amazing and will make every day exciting! In the morning, kids will study English and in the afternoon they will put into practice what they have learnt with workshops, excursions and games. Fun for our children and learning and safety for parents, what else can we ask for?

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    Enforex Barcelona is one of the most international camps since 70% of students are coming from abroad. This camp is also a great choice for those looking for Spanish for foreigners courses. Besides, the range of ages is very wide, from 5 to 17, perfect for siblings who want to enjoy summer together.

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    This day camp is located in a big city but in a quiet place, very close to a university campus. Kids will have everything all together, either main services or a good atmosphere for learning! The accommodation will be in a residence for students and they will be allowed to use its fantastic facilities!

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    The Enforex Camp in Valencia is a great option for students who are between 13 and 17! They will be very close to the beach, surrounded by nature and a 60% of foreign students, so they will have everything they could need to learn, have a lot of fun and live an amazing experience.

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    This camp is one of the most complete linguistic camps in Spain. It has a 60% of foreign students (many of them find in Salamanca the perfect camp for foreigners to learn Spanish) and our children will practise a new language with their new friends in a town, reference in the culture and art environment.

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    Enforex Marbella offers different types of camps for you to choose the best one matching your holidays:

    • Marbella Elvira camp is an amazing choice to learn English and live together with international students in a very fun atmosphere. For kids aged between 5 and 13.

    • Marbella Las Chapas is located very close to the beach, in a very prestigious school with great facilities. The perfect place for girls and boys between 13 and 17 to enjoy a marvellous summer time.

    • Marbella Centro is located in the centre of Marbella and it is recommended for older students, between 15 and 17, who prefer to have a bit more of independence.

Which one are you going to choose? Good luck searching your linguistic summer camp!