We live in a globalized world and it is important to learn to live and interact with people of different nationalities, so that, from childhood, our children can get used to socializing with people from different cultures that can benefit them.

International summer camps help children to open their mind and see the world through different eyes, learning about other nationalities, customs and languages.

“If a child learns about other cultures, they will learn to tolerate differences and will develop complex cognitive and social skills” Sergio Martinic, researcher at the Centre for Policy Studies and Practices in Education (Ceppe).

International summer camps welcome children from all over the world and are a good way to learn languages in addition to giving our children the opportunity to grow as people. It's a good environment to live and socialize with people from all over the world. It is a rewarding experience, enabling them to improve communication, cultural awareness, cooperative work and of course personal development.

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This international experience is not only a benefit when they are at camp, but will benefit them later in life. The friends they make during their stay at Summer Camp will be of different nationalities and those friendships will surely continue when summer camp ends. They may continue talking to their friends online and this means they will carry on practicing the language throughout the year, not only at school, but as a hobby, to stay in contact with their friends.

We have mentioned many times the importance of developing your language as a hobby. This way, they do not notice so much that they are studying. Wanting to communicate with someone makes you try harder and want to carry on, because the end goal is not to become fluent in the language or pass exams, but to communicate with your friends and have fun.

Children should embrace the good and interesting side of learning a language, and they will they start to realize as soon as possible that this is the easiest way to master multiple languages.

Some children may be reluctant about this international experience at first, but upon arrival they will change their minds and will be grateful for the opportunity you have given them.

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Here are some different examples of international summer camps. Badajoz Cíjara Summer Camp offers a fabulous international immersion program, native teachers, international supervisors and children from all over the world. Alternatively, we also recommend Lacunza Summer Camp program, organised by the company IH, who are specialists in language and welcome large numbers of international children. For lovers of the sea and the sand, Tarifa Kite Surf offers a language immersion camp where practicing language is the main objective. Lastly, Idiomas Top, a company specializing in languages , organises Linguistic Immersion camps with the option of Spanish for foreigners. Here, Spanish children can practice English with international children who are learning Spanish.

Experiencing international summer camps can be something that completely changes our children. It can help them grow, become more mature and can get them hooked on languages. Don’t let this opportunity pass you by. Choose the summer camp that best suits your child, and let them learn and enjoy this summer.