It is clear that it is parents who educate their children and impart their values onto them. It is their duty to do so and they enjoy it. But the camps (just like schools) provide support to make this happen.

Camps can be the place where your children implement the values that you have taught them. Values such as respect for others, regardless of sex, race or religion.

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Going to summer camps, they will meet children from all backgrounds, with these small things being extremely important. This diversity will be even more pronounced if your child goes abroad, because there they can meet children from other countries with different customs and get the chance to hear, see and understand how this can benefit them. Children should learn from both good and bad. How often have you heard your children complain about other children’s behavior: "Peter never lets me play ball" "After he lost, Pepito took the ball and wouldn’t let us play "and so many situations which help children learn every day.

We have made a list of some values and virtues that our child will learn and put into practise at a summer camp:

  • Solidarity with others.
  • Teamwork. The camps lead team activities, activities and workshops ...
  • Generosity. Summer camp is a time for children to share ...
  • Respect. They must respect other children, supervisors and camp staff and learn to respect the shared space and equipment ...
  • Self-control. They must control their impulses, measure their strength and performance.
  • Obedience. They must respect the rules of the camp so that it can be ran properly. Respect the rules of the camp and obey the supervisors.
  • Housekeeping. The camps have a schedule indicating when the children need to get up, do activities, eat etc. This must be followed so that the camp can run smoothly, as well a duty to look after and organise your space so that everyone can live together.
  • Personal self. Your children will leave their comfort zone, making them grow as people.
  • Sociability. Your children will be in a different environment thatn they are accustomed to with children they don’t know. This is a great opportunity to develop their social skills.
  • Adaptation and integration into their environment. Being in a different environment means they will have to adapt and integrate into it. Your children will start learning to adapt, which will be a great help to them in the future.
  • Respect for peers and supervisors. They will have to respect their fellow campers and supervisors.
  • Development of communication skills. Many camps put on theatre performances, this will make them more vocally fluent, as well as helping them deal with stage fright.

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At summer camp, they have the opportunity to learn new values and will learn from other children. When your child returns home, they can demonstrate the values that they have learned, because being in a different environment usually teaches them another way to behave.

We may not realize the importance that education in values has, or how much summer camp helps our children to develop as individuals. That after all, it is what it’s all about, shaping these young people into the future bright stars of the world.