Summer is approaching and you’re already trying to work out what type of summer camp is best to send our children to. But there is a lot of choice, and it is often hard to decide which one will be right for them. As kids have such different interests, you should find out the types of camps there are to work out which suits them best and which they will enjoy the most, because above all, the most important thing is that your children have a fun-packed summer.
The first step is to ask your child what kind of camp they would like to go to, but also let them know your own point of view; this is what will benefit them most.
You should think about whether you want to send your child away somewhere for 7/15 days or if you’d prefer they went to a camp in a city and could return home to sleep every day. This will depend on the how you feel about how much you feel your child’ can be away from home for a long time. It may be that they are not old enough to spend 15 or 7 days away from home.
Once you worked this out, you should think about whether there is a particular theme that is of interest to you or your child, as there are many specialised themes. For example, if your child is passionate about surfing, they may be best off going to a camp based on this, where they can enjoy their hobby and meet many other children of their age with similar interests as themselves. This could really benefit them.
Another possibility is that your child is interested in languages, or that they have not done great at school the year before and you want to use the summer, so that they start the next year stronger than before. In this case, it is best to choose a language camp that you like the look of. If you choose to send them to a language camp, this brings up another issue: whether to send them to a language or linguistic immersion camp? If we choose this type of camp, we also have to decide whether it’s best for them to go to a camp in Spain, or to go to one abroad.
Deciding on a camp with your kids can be a great opportunity to do an activity with them. Search for the camps that most appeal to your child, ask them questions, give them an active role from the start and they will feel appreciated and that their voice has been heard. Going to camp is a unique experience for our children, they will learn and make new friends and pick up tonnes of anecdotes to tell on the way back.
Good luck with your search! Solocampamentos could be the best ideal place to start and finish your search.