This article will talk about Football Camps, how they work and what kind of football activities children can enjoy there.
Football is the most watched and played sport in the world, and tends to be the most popular sport amongst children. It is played and practised by millions, both as an extracurricular activity and as simply a hobby. Like most other sports, it is about much more than just the game, teaching kids the values of perseverance and hard work. These values can be taken away from the field and be used in the daily lives of the children who play it.
Football camps tend to group children of all nationalities together, so the most commonly used language is English. In the footballing world, professional footballers have friends from all over the world so speaking English is the easiest form of communication.
One popular summer football camp is Manchester City, which takes in young footballers from all over the world, and offers a combination of football training and English classes. Here, the children are taught a wide variety of football-related topics, from how to speak in press releases to nutrition education, and all training is done in English.
This total immersion camp take place in Manchester, guaranteeing total immersion in the English lifestyle throughout the 2 weeks. This camp combines fun with learning perfectly, taking away the boredom of learning and, on the contrary, presenting it to the children as a great skill to have and something that they need to learn.
Football is Britain's biggest sport. It has more professional players than any other and is the most practised as a hobby. This is why there are so many Sports Clubs dedicated to training children from a young age. Most summer football camps are open to children of all levels. On the first day, they are divided into groups based on their age and playing level, with a wide range of abilities to mix with.
Football Camps are a popular choice amongst parents and children. They represent a great opportunity for children to keep up their favourite hobby during the summer. Check out all our summer camps here.