All parents worry about how their children will be fed while at camp, as many children have different tastes or are used to eating at home. It is normal to be slightly anxious about this since you don't whether they will eat well or not whilst at camp.

Since this is something that worries parents, we have decided to write about this issue on this post, to assure parents that the summer camps have everything under control when it comes to food. All camps on SoloCampamentos have a varied and high-quality menu. Many of them have their menus developed by nutritionists, ensuring that the children keep to the right diet whilst at camp.

Many of the camps are members of FACE (Federation of Associations of Gluten-Intolerant people of Spain) and they all have special menus for children with allergies or dietary requirements.

Everyone has their own trick when it comes to ensuring that their children are fed properly during their stay, you should bear in mind that they are extremely used to dealing with children and know them all so they know how to get children eating well.

For example, in an interview we did with Tatanka camps, they told us that their method consists of each supervisor eating with their group of children such that they can control what the kids eat and be confident that any child who has any kind of dietary restriction does not eat something they shouldn't.

Mangaocio told us that from the start, they can tell which children struggle to eat as much as the others. For this reason, they give special care to these children to ensure that they eat properly and can also do what they call “negotiations”.

Juventud y Cultura told us that when registering the children, they ask if the participant has any type of dietary restriction so that nutritionist can create a new special menu for these children.

Escuela de Nuevas Músicas told us that they encourage the children to try everything and that the menus are designed by nutritionists.

All the camps that we have asked about this issue say the same thing: the kids use so much energy doing all their activities while at camp, so they attach a great deal of importance to feeding them properly.

So whatever situation you find yourself in, your kids will be sure to eat on a perfect diet whilst at camp. There is no need to worry about this issue, and if you have any doubts, you can contact the camp and ask them about it. They will be happy to help and tell you everything you need to know.