New technologies are more and more present in our daily life, and talking about summer camps this could not be otherwise! Tech camps are a very interesting option for our children since their activities are in the same line as young people’s hobbies, who have grown up with Internet and new technologies. Did you know tech camps provide lots of benefits?


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    Booster creativity. Technology is wonderful because unimaginable things can become real. Can you imagine how much your children will enjoy at a tech camp, with robots and videogames, created by themselves? Mixing technology with a kid's limitless mind has as a result amazing stuff.

  • Better working future. Unlike traditional jobs, those related to new technologies have a better perspective in the future. Kids will learn about robots, apps and social media, with the guarantee of a proper learning, supervised by instructors, to get the skills they will need in the future.

  • Foster values. Kids at tech camps will focus on teamwork and self-improvement while they meet new friends and enjoy. They will build amazing projects together and together will solve any upcoming setbacks.

  • Compatible with other modules. If you are looking for some linguistic support during summer or the development of sport skills, no problem! Tech camps are compatible with other complementary training so that kids learn a lot while they enjoy very much.

The programme of tech camps is very complete, since kids will not only learn about technology but also will do sports and outdoors activities. In the morning, they will focus all their energy on learning about robots, drones and programming, and in the afternoon they will put everything into practise with their friends. Besides, there will also enjoy lots of different activities from other disciplines, such as languages or amazing sports, such as surf or horse-riding.

In SoloCampamentos we offer the most cutting-edge tech camps with the possibility of combining activities to make this experience unforgettable. Which tech camp are you going to choose for this summer?


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  • CampTecnologico. Spend five incredible days at the CampTecnologico day camp! In Madrid, Bilbao, Bizkaia, Pamplomna, Vitoria, Donostia and Jaca, combined with your favourite hobbies. You will design videogames and will learn to programme mobile apps, something very useful for your future!

  • Arturo Soria day camp. This tech camp will teach kids either computers or basic concepts from the audiovisual field, with amazing projects such as a short films or a TV series. In addition, they will immerse themselves in English or French at fantastic facilities with a studying room, WIFI and equipments of the latest generation.

  • CampMediterraneo camp. The accomodation will be in wooden cabins and kids will enjoy multiadventure activities, English and robotics at an amazing camp on the Oropesa del Mar beach, in Castellón. The perfect choice to take advantage of summer!!

  • Robotics camp 3 en Raya. Kids’ dreams will become true! They will build their own robot with a complete robotics kit and a 3D printer. They will also visit great places nearby the location of the camp, in Teruel, such as the cultural and scientific park Dinopolis, with 4D simulator, time travel and 3D cinema.

  • English Summer S.A. tech camp. Power your creativity and learn about science and technology through educational robotics! You will create your own robot with native teachers and will even learn to design a web page. Located at an amazing site, el complejo Prades, an artistic-natural place at the Baix Camp.

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    Richi Innovation tech camp . Live the most exciting experience ever at this camp in Boston, in collaboration with MIT (Massachusetts Technology Institute). Science, technology, entrepreneurship and excursions for a greater development of your skills and capacities.

  • Bermudillo English Fun Campp. Learn English at this great camp with a very funny method! Because besides learning a lot, you will discover lots of tricks to become a real Jedi with games and challenges. Imagination and creativity hand in hand with native teachers and lots of fun!!

Good luck searching for your tech camp for this summer!