When school finishes, usually it is hard combining work with childcare, since kids have a lot of free time in summer holidays. Finding a way for our children to have fun drives us crazy while we try they do not get bored. That's why we want to suggest you a better alternative solution than tv or videogames: urban camps!

Urban camps, also known as day camps, are the perfect option for kids that spend some time of their summer holidays in cities, or for the ones who are not ready for an intern camp yet, because this way they can enjoy the whole experience of a summer camp without getting too far from home. So besides being a cheaper option, urban camps could be perfect for kids that are not comfortable with the idea of staying outside of the family home, enjoying the same activities without being a shock for them.


  • Combining work with our kids' summer holidays.

    Generally, when school is over, we as parents start to struggle to reconcile work with our children free time in summer. Thanks to day camps we make sure that our children are safe, happy and entertained while we are at work.

  • A broad range of different activities

    In urban camps, children do a lot of different activities, sports and workshops: cultural, creative or culinary workshops, games, dance, theater, group dynamics, gymkhanas... Everyday is a new adventure!

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  • Day trips and tours

    Some days, children will go on a day trip to different places to see other environments and enjoy doing other kinds of activities. For example, they will go to places like pools, planetariums, water parks or zoos. They will have a lot of things to tell when they are back in school!

  • Social skills and values development

    During the summer camp, our children will learn how to get along with other kids in a different environment, making new friends and doing collaborative and team work exercises. This kind of activities promote positive values and healthy habits that reinforce personal development, such as fellowships, respect, self-esteem or positive thinking.

  • Flexible schedule

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    Some urban camps allow us to choose the time or activities in which our children are going to be signed up. That makes easier to coordinate activities and have a more flexible schedule. That way we can have the choice that most correspond to our needs.

  • Most cost-effective solution

    Intern summer camps usually have a higher price than urban camps, because stay always push up the price. Day camps are a cheaper option and they still includes qualified instructors, food and a broad range of activities.

There are urban camps for kids from 3 years old and all of them have qualified professional instructors that will accompany and guide our kids in every single activity in the camp. There is also the option of mixing leisure and learning, for example, in an english summer camp they will do all sports and workshops in english. That way, they will not only have fun, but also learn a new language unwittingly.

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On the other side, there are thematic urban camps, where the activities are related to a specific topic. If we know our kids' hobbies, we can choose a day camp that suits them best. If our child is passionated about soccer, for example, Real Madrid Football Day Camp could be a perfect option to improve their technique. There are also urban camps with a wide variety of sports, such as Summer Camp Aravaca or Campamento Urbano Arturo Soria.

For the innovative ones, in Camptecnológico Madrid they will discover all the secrets of robotics and apps development. Or, for the ones who enjoy creativity, camps as the Campamento y Talleres la Artigua or Campamento Young Thinkers Project are the best choice. Of course, there is the possibility of learning a new language at the same time they have fun, for example in Campamento Urbano de Inglés en Moratalaz where our children will learn english and german with native instructors. Whichever urban camp you choose, it is going to be amusing!

With day camps our kids will see with new eyes the idea of staying in the city during summer holidays, since they will enjoy a wide range of activities and experiences every day, discovering new emotions and friends for life. If you want your children to have a great summer without spending a lot of money or getting too far from home, it is still possible!

Good luck searching your urban camp!