The rules for communication tend to be different from one camp to another. To stay well-informed, contact the camp your child is going to and ask what their rules for communication are.

In general, the camps tend to have a set telephone schedule for parents to contact their children. This is because the whole day is spent doing activities and not setting a time could make doing the organised activities difficult.

In the event that your child brings a telephone with them, it should be kept switched off or be kept by the supervisor who will return it at the set time for calling parents. This is to ensure that the camp can be carried out properly. For this reason, you should not be alarmed if you call your child outside the set calling time and they don't respond.

In the event that your child does not have a mobile, there are phones available to borrow so that you can contact them.

In the event that something happens or you need to get in contact with your child outside of the set calling time, all of the camps have telephones available throughout the day. Don't hesitate to use these if you need to.

We advise that you consult specific camps to find out about their contact policy and schedule, as this can vary from one camp to the next.