Seeing up-close something as usual as a lizard becomes such an experience for many kids who lives immersed in cities. Due to school, extracurricular classes and leisure activities more and more technological, children are not used to play outdoors anymore, so they do not enjoy all benefits of natural environments. That’s why adventure camps are becoming the perfect option for summer!


1457006502-campamentos de verano tatanka17.JPG112.44 KB

    • Better cognitive development

      What can be more exciting for kids’ curiosity than nature? Exploring every corner, watching up-close animals and plants, it encourages the development of the creativity, as well as reasoning and solving problems skills. Moreover, unlike children from cities, the ones playing outdoors are less anxious and do not get bored. The typical “I’m bored” has no place in an adventure camp, because nature itself have a lot of options to discover and have fun.

    • More autonomy

      The pace of children from the cities is too high sometimes, which makes them anxious and impatient. First, they do not want to sit on the floor to avoid staining, or they complain if it is raining, for example. However, children who enjoy nature know that there are somethings that take their time, just as the growing of a tree or bird watching, so they are usually more patient and calm, with more security and autonomy.

    • Contact with the environment

      1487008314-campamentos-abioncillo13.jpg177.74 KB

We cannot forget the contribution of natural and rural environments to the development and growth of children and teenagers. It also makes easier for kids to become familiar with the ecosystem, to take on environmental responsibilities and to be respectful with the nature and all living beings whose habitat it is. In every adventure camp, there are workshops and activities related to the environment where children learn to value and admire our surroundings.

  • More self-esteem

    There are a lot of situations in nature that improve the confidence and self-esteem of the kids: when they fall, they get up; if they plant some seeds, they collect fruits; if they take care of animals, they create bonding with them… In adventure camps, children learn to get over the obstacles they find, enjoying every single detail. It’s more, outdoors activities usually involve physical exercise, so, by releasing tension and endorphins, children feel great.

    1523628592-granja escuela.jpg153.46 KB
  • Health improvement

    Playing in a natural environment, far away of pollution and noise, has nothing more than positive effects in health. Kids breath pure and clean air, release stress, do some physical exercise, and have a better psychological state. In short, an adventure camp is healthy for our kids.

Adventure camps are not only beneficial for health; they are also an exciting adventure for children because they can do activities that awake their senses and the little adventurer they have inside. They will also learn to enjoy the nature with respect and care.


  • Adventure sports

    1519902337-27649679853_9936916a0e_o.jpg228.85 KB

    Graduated and experienced instructors will supervise children while they discover new emotions practising adventure sports as rafting (the descent of a river in a raft), canyoning (descend from ravines) or death slide. An adventure camp is just like a natural amusement park! Children will enjoy incredible activities in wonderful landscapes with all the security we want as parents.

  • Specific skills

    Skills as orientation with games and gymkhanas are developed in adventure camps. The environment has everything children need to get over obstacles, pass several tests and find their way through the countryside. Moreover, they will learn about local flora and fauna and even explore caves where expert speleologists will guide them through their insides, showing them amazing curiosities.

After an intense year in school, our kids deserve a break from their routine in the city, enjoying with exciting activities and making new friends. This kind of camp will be great for them!

Good luck searching your adventure camp!