Real Madrid Campus Experience

Real Madrid Football Day Camp

  • 6-13
  • Taught in Español, Español para extranjeros
  • Lunch and snack
  • June
  • 400
  • 20


The Campus Experience is an opportunity that the Real Madrid Foundation is offering to both boys and girls aged between 7 and 13years of age, aimed at giving kids an alternative and positive form of fun and development and teaching them the right values, through a perfect combination of sports and learning.

As well as this, the Campus Experience has a diverse programme of recreational and educational activities, always aligned with the values of Real Madrid, aimed at educating the participants around the 5 ethical pillars of the club: team work, leadership, respect for others, autonomy and hard work.

The objective of the Real Madrid Campus Foundation is that the kids experience a positive alternative of fun and training, educating them in values, through a combination of sport and training. This is an intensive, educational process, carried out through the practice of football.

At Football Day Camp, ½ days and full days are available.


The educational model of the Real Madrid Foundation is based on the concept of Wider Education, meaning that education can apply to all kinds of situations. In order to develop this model, we have worked on the 3 basic areas of the teaching process, with our programmes being based around these 3 key areas of activity:

  • ME as an individual
  • US as a team
  • MY TEAMMATES and my relationship with them

Through the Campus Experience of the Real Madrid Foundation, we have designed a week-long programme, teaching one of the 5 core values every day. All the sporting and educational activities are centred on this specific value:

  • Mondays, leadership
  • Tuesdays, effort
  • Wednesdays, self-control
  • Thursdays, teamwork
  • Fridays, respect for others

Our educational programme offers complete sports training, combining physical exercise with the sports-based education that appeals to our students most. This complete sports training reflects the values of the Real Madrid group, such that they can absorb everything from this process.

Access to Teaching

Sporting Aspect: access to trainers from the Real Madrid Foundation, licenced and qualified in Physical Activity and Sport Sciences, sports coaches and support staff.

Educational Aspect: access to teachers, trainers, mentors and supervisors during recreation and free time.


The programme, focussed on the complete training of the participant, is based around 4 key pillars:

  • Technical-Tactical: carries out a work plan so students can improve all their skills in a dynamic and balanced way.
  • Physical-Motor Skills: to make them aware of the importance of physical fitness and development and its impact on their overall performance.
  • Health: to make them aware of the importance of health in the world of sports.
  • Education in Values: to use effective education to develop them, not only as athletes, but also as people.

The sports programme is supervised by a technical team from the Real Madrid Foundation. The training sessions are comprised of:

  • 90 minutes training in the morning
  • 60 minutes training in the evening

The training consists of:

  • Technique: individual and collective
  • Tactics: strategy
  • Different passes (inside foot, outside foot, in-step, long balls and headers)
  • Ground control, inside foot control, guided control, chest, thigh, head and foot.
  • Control with both feet.
  • Dribbling
  • Shooting on target
  • Set plays (passes, centre, shots)
  • Building walls for freekicks
  • Manoeuvres/feinting, with shots at goal

Activities Experience

The aim of the Activities Experience is to convey the values of the Real Madrid Group. The Campus provides 3 types of activity:

  • FEEL AND EXPERIENCE ACTIVITIES: TO EXPERIENCE. Games and exercises, different and fun, giving the students a sense of personal value within the group.
  • FUN EXPERIENCE ACTIVITIES: TO MOTIVATE. A series of games and competitions aimed at stimulating the participants and creating a sense of fun.
  • TEAM EXPERIENCE ACTIVITIES: TO EDUCATE AND TRAIN. These are the life lessons that the students will learn, sharing and listening with the rest of the group. With supporting materials, we will reflect on the value of each day, linking it to sport, to our time at the Campus and to our own personal lives.

Additional Activity:

All participants based in Madrid at the External or Residential Soccer Campus will be given a tour of the Bernabéu.


The Real Madrid Sports City extends to 1, 200, 000 m2, making it ten times the size of the old Sports City, 40 times larger than the Santiago Bernabéu, 16 times that of Moscow’s Red Square. 2.7 times that of the Vatican City and 1.6 times the size of the Forbidden City of Peking.

There are 12 football pitches, both grass and artificial, changing rooms, a medical centre and a cafeteria.


What does the half-day camp include?

  • 8:45 A 13:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY 355€
  • A training session
  • An Activities Experience Session
  • Lunch
  • Official Real Madrid Foundation equipment
  • A cap
  • A certificate/photo
  • A bag
  • Tour of Santiago Bernabéu
  • Constant supervision by Real Madrid supervisors and specialists in infant and young person care
  • On-call physiotherapy at sporting facilities
  • Medical Insurance from SANITAS in case of medical emergencies.


What does the full day camp include?

  • 8:45 A 19:00 MONDAY TO FRIDAY 512€
  • Two training sessions
  • One Sporting Education session
  • Three Activity Experience sessions
  • Lunch
  • Official Real Madrid Foundation equipment
  • A cap and three-part certificate/photo
  • A bag
  • Tour of the Santiago Bernabéu
  • Constant supervision by Real Madrid supervisors and specialists in infant and young person care
  • On-call physiotherapy at sporting facilities
  • Medical Insurance from SANITAS in case of medical emergencies.

Pick Up Policy

We have a round trip shuttle service from the airport (Madrid Barajas), bus and train station (ask for availability) to the residence. This service consists of:

  • Pick up at airport, bus or train station by Campus monitors.
  • Travel Insurance included.
  • Transfer to the residence on own campus transportation.
  • Transfer from residence to airport, bus or train, always accompanied. The monitor takes the participant to the place where the steward of unaccompanied minors will take care of him.

The contracting of the unaccompanied minors service is available only in the case of air trips. This service is subject to availability and rules of the airline.

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme. .