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From/Per Person 385
  • Age

    The age range is 4 a 14 years
  • Language

    Spanish Camps
    Linguistic Immersion Camps
    Spanish for Foreigners
  • Location

    Camino de las Caudalosas, 4, 28690 Brunete, Madrid, España
  • Food

    100% home made menus, prepared by our cooks in our own kitchen, and adapted to the needs of the kids spending the day outdoor. We prepare special menus to cover all types of allergies.
  • Dates

    June July
  • Capacity

    Capacity: 120
  • Staff

    14 leaders+ 3 managers + 1 lifeguard


Experienced Spanish Language Education Provider:

Albitana has 25 years experience in organizing Spanish language summer camps. The atmosphere is always fantastic, and kids are delighted as they have an unforgettable time playing and making friends in a Spanish speaking environment. 

International Students Welcome: Our school is very supportive of kids coming from different parts of the world (but 95% of participants are Spanish). We organize a service from Madrid airport / railway stations for kids coming from abroad. We have leaders speaking a range of languages (English, French, German, Polish, etc.) and ready to help kids with difficulties.

Spanish Language Immersion Summer Camps:

  • Duration: 1, 2 and up to 4 weeks. For boys & girls ages 4-14
  • Beginner to advanced levels
  • Each day, students experience a program of  "close to the land" activities
  • Activities include group games, crafts, sporting events, free time, practicing as much as they can Spanish language.

Albitana Granja Escuela provides Spanish immersion summer. Situated 35 kilometers west of Madrid, our 1, 2 and up to 4-week camps are activity-based, and promote outdoor experiential learning. We have taught thousands of kids how to live in relation with nature (activity-based learning). And in our immersion camps participants from Spain (the large majority) and abroad are mixed.

We have some fifty different activities, from activities for younger students (animals and vegetable gardening), up to activities for adolescents such as working on renewable energies. Kids attending our linguistic summer camps connect to the land but most of all socialize with friends from different origins, countries, and ways of living. For all of them, we organize a wide variety of events, workshop, performances and day trips.

Our linguistic summer camps are first of all, vacations for the kids. Participants experience all-day programs of close to the land activities, group games, crafts, sporting events, leaded free time etc. practicing as much as they can their Spanish.
Summer 2019 camps will be designed around the theme "MAGIC OF NATURE", We will promote the knowledge and the respect of nature, the healthy physical activity, the team values, etc. through workshops, sports and group activities related to the central theme.

Weekly program:

Related to the central theme  "MAGIC OF NATURE” we offer 4 different programs:

  • A Fantastic World week (June 29 - July 6)      WAITING LIST
  • Summer in the Farm week (July 6  - July 13)   WAITING LIST
  • Horse Riding & Alternative Sport week (July 14 - July 21)
  • The Circus of Dreams week (July 21 - July 28)


Age-appropriate activities (kids are grouped by ages). Activities organized around a central theme (2019 MAGIC OF NATURE)


  • Horse riding everyday (3rd week) and horse rides once a week (other weeks) in cooperation with our neighbor “El Madroño" (www.hipicaelmadrono.com)
  • Orientation basics using maps and compass
  • Trekking (knowing local wildlife and flora)
  • Swimming (swimming pool every day)
  • Archery
  • Climbing wall, zip wire, tibetan bridge
  • Football, basketball, volleyball, table tennis

Alternate sports:

  • Indiacas
  • Frisbee
  • Croquet
  • Badminton
  • Parachute game
  • Baseball

Other activities:

  • Farm activities
  • Craft workshops and artistic workshops (preparing evening parties)
  • Gymkhana
  • Traditional games
  • Animation activities
  • Soirees and evening parties
  • Evening walks to Brunete village (picnic and summer cinema in the courtyards)
  • Karaoke and choreography
  • Water games

Day trips:

  • Recreation area, Rio Perales National Park (Aldea del Fresno, Madrid) river beach, picnic and games
  • Culture and trail at Escalona Village and Alberche River, visit castle and old town, bath, picnic and games
  • Beginner to advanced level Spanish lessons on demand (during leaded free time)


Our school is 2 kilometers from Brunete, a small town with key facilities (stores, medical facilities, entertainment, bus stops…). Our school is situated by the mountains (Sierra Madrilena) in a green and fresh countryside surrounding.

Main building with dining areas, kitchen, rooms and dorms, bathrooms and multipurpose rooms. Twelve schoolrooms for workshops (pottery, textile, paper, water, wine press, transformation aliments, oil press, nature, recycling, energies, ecological house…). Outdoor workshops zones, stables, barns, riding arena (4), barnyards, nature study class for birds and small rodents…Orchard, olive grove, vineyard… Football field, basketball and volleyball fields. Climbing wall, zipwire, tibetan bridge, archery area…Fully equipped swimming pool.

Menus: 100% home made menus, prepared by our cooks in our own kitchen, and adapted to the needs of the kids spending the day outdoor. We prepare special menus to cover all types of allergies
We are members of the celiac association of Madrid 
Qualified staff:
Albitana is an education center all year round (a stay in a rural center is a full part of the state education program)  for that reason our level of exigency is high in all aspects and our leaders are graduated from the best universities (teachers, social workers, psychologists, educators), with a lot of experience.
The way our leaders are caring all of our guests in all aspects (specially guests coming from abroad with eventually language difficulties)

Schedule, age and prices

Dates Date From Date To Age Prices
8 Days 29-06-2019 06-07-2019 4-14 years 385€
8 Days 06-07-2019 13-07-2019 4-14 years 385€
8 Days 14-07-2019 21-07-2019 4-14 years 385€
8 Days 21-07-2019 28-07-2019 4-14 years 385€
15 Days 29-06-2019 13-07-2019 4-14 years 685€
15 Days 14-07-2019 28-07-2019 4-14 years 685€


Discounts for brothers and groups of friends


Registration, full boarding, activities, day trips, entries.

Pick Up Policy

We organize a shuttle service from Madrid airport / railway stations for kids coming from abroad (free of charge).

Booking Policy

On booking 150 € for weekly camps
On booking 250 € for fortnightly camps
Cancellation, money back in case of justified sickness

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.