Sotogrande Camps Talent Academy

Sotogrande Camps (ages 12-16) - Wake or Intensive Spanish

  • 12-16
  • Taught in Español, Inglés, Inmersión Lingüística
  • Puerto Sotogrande, 1, 11310 Torreguadiaro, Cádiz, España


  • Complete lodging (breakfast, lunch, snack, dinner), Sports and Language Courses, Special Diet, Allergies Treatment.
  • July
  • 150
  • 1 counsellor per 7/10 campers. Qualified national and international Coordinators and teachers.


Shift Dates Ages Price Status
14 Days 29/06/2024-12/07/2024 12-16 2350 Available
14 Days 13/07/2024-26/07/2024 12-16 2350 Available
22 Days 29/06/2024-20/07/2024 12-16 3000 Available


Intensive Wake Surf Camp (sport + wake + skills), or Intensive Spanish (sport + intensive Spanish classes) for kids aged 12 - 16 in Sotogrande.


1.-"WAKESURF, WAKE UP!" Program

Sport + Language + Training + Values + Fun

Ideal for this age where teenagers seek to release adrenaline, experience the feeling of freedom and new challenges. An educational program in sports, life skills, effort, perseverance and overcoming.

Combines sports lessons in the mornings with an afternoon program of:

  1. Intensive Wake Board course (one week)
  2. Language course based on Teens Skills Development (one week).

They will put all their talents into practice and learn to gain security in themselves, in a unique and incomparable environment where they will:

  • Get started and experience the surfing world
  • Develop personal and social skills
  • Practice and learn new vocabulary on another language
  • AM: INTENSIVE SPORTS LESSONS (2:30 h.); Every week they may choose one of their favorite sports and practice them individually and as a team: Golf, Tennis, Padel-Tennis, Horse Riding, Water Sports, Dance/Fitness or Football (Real Madrid FC).
  • PM: WAKE & LANGUAGE “Power Skills” program (2:30 h.); One week intensive Wake lessons; from beginner to advanced level, and one week “Power Skills”; they will learn great skills and expand their vocabulary in another language.

Skills, both in sports as in life, can be learned and trained.


Sports + Intensive Spanish Lessons + Fun

A world class summer experience for Teens from all over the world eager to learn improve and practice the Spanish language. In a healthy, friendly and multicultural environment, they will develop their creativity, have a great time and experience new challenges as they grow as individuals throughout their time at camp.

In a pure nature environment, surrounded by magnificent beaches and with top-notch facilities, they will practice their favorite sport, receive intensive Spanish classes and live, at all times, with Spaniards of their own age. Because cultural exchange between teenagers of different nationalities is something very enriching, we encourage interaction and integration between foreigners and Spaniards. The 24 hours coexistence with other Spanish teens makes possible a deep immersion, practicing Spanish at all times.

An unforgettable experience, an authentic immersion in the Spanish language and culture!

- They will practice their favorite sport progressing in a few days, wasting energy and fostering the values of the sport.

- Learn and speak a different language in a completely Spanish environment whilst living with Spanish children, maintaining a constant and fluid communication through everyday situations.

- Spend a great summer discovering the south of Spain! Landscapes, cuisine, day a day traditions…

  • AM: INTENSIVE SPORTS LESSONS (2:30 h); Each week they may choose one of their favorite sports and practice them individually and as a team: Golf, Tennis, Padel-Tennis, Horse Riding, Water Sports, Dance/Fitness or Football (Real Madrid F.C.).
  • PM: INTENSIVE LANGUAGE LESSONS (3:00 h); A complete immersion in Spanish through theoretical, practical and dynamic lessons, focused on grammar, conversation, oral understanding, pronunciation…  Students will enroll in this course at different levels according to their knowledge of the language and their age. (Spanish for foreigners).

Un, dos, tres...Turn language learning into fun!


Our aim is that children enjoy unforgettable days of fun, different activities to develop their creativity and ingenuity, and which will bring them into contact with nature.

We´ve put together an extensive activity program specially design for different ages, featuring visits to places of interest of Andalucia. They will take part in water activities, excursions to Tarifa beach, Castellar Zoo and a range of other activities including theatre, karaoke, dance and music.

Students will be supervised at all times during these activities and in their free time by our experienced group leaders.


  • Tennis
  • Golf
  • Football (Real Madrid F.C.)
  • Horse Riding
  • Padel-Tennis
  • Water Sports
  • Dance/Fitness


  • Water activities
  • Excursions to Tarifa beach and village   
  • Visit to Castellar Zoo   
  • Noon picnics at beach and Port   
  • Shopping at open air market   
  • Contests and sports competitions  
  • Gymkanas
  • And other endless activities



Talent Academy – Sotogrande Camps is the Official Camp of Sotogrande and is located in Sotogrande, one of the most prestigious residential areas of southern Spain.

The camp’s facilities are located in one of the most prestigious residential areas in southern Spain. The complex is widely considered one of Europe’s premier resorts, boasting first-rate infrastructures and facilities for the organization and execution of all our sports, entertainment and maritime activities. This privileged and internationally renowned setting, is notable and famous for its golf courses, sports facilities, beach clubs, marina, polo fields…

Our headquarters is located in Cortijo Finca La Alcaidesa, 1,500 hectares park and part of Sotogrande custodianship of nature preserves within the Andalucia region. Surrounded by nature with wooden cabins faithful to and in accord with the traditional style of American camps.


Sotogrande has top-level sports facilities where students will enjoy practicing their favorite sport outdoors and over the sea.

  • GOLF: «La Cañada Golf Club»
  • TENNIS: «Sotogrande Racquet Centre»
  • PADEL-TENNIS: «Sotogrande Racquet Centre»
  • FOOTBALL: The Realmadrid Foundation will oversee the Football Course through that will be held in professional facilities and training programs on the beach.
  • HORSE RIDING: «School of Dressage Sotogrande» 
  • WATER SPORTS: «Royal Maritime Club»


  • Complete lodging   
  • Sport Course
  • Language Course   
  • Professional Team 24h.  
  • Academic Material   
  • Uniform Laundry Service   
  • Accident and Civil Liability   
  • Daily email reception   
  • Leisure Activities: excursion to Tarifa beach and village, Castellar Zoo, beach outdoor dinners, Zumba-dance, gymkhana, etc...
  • Train Service with organization from Madrid.

Pick Up Policy

Parents or relatives may take or pick up their children at Camp or, if needed can request our train service or transfers to Airport (Málaga & Gibraltar airport).

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.

Once you have completed and sent the following Registration Form, we will email you back confirming the place, price and payment methods.


Sibling discounts over Course Price.