Hípica Miracampos

Miracampos Horse Riding & Surf Camp

  • 8-18
  • Taught in Español para extranjeros, Español
  • Urbanización Miracampos 7

  • breakfast, lunch and dinner. Dietary requirements catered for.
  • June
  • 25
  • 5 supervisors + 1 coordinator


Shift Dates Ages Price Status
7 Days 23/06/2024-29/06/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 30/06/2024-06/07/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 07/07/2024-13/07/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 14/07/2024-20/07/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 21/07/2024-27/07/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 28/07/2024-03/08/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 04/08/2024-10/08/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 11/08/2024-17/08/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 18/08/2024-24/08/2024 8-18 870 Available
7 Days 25/08/2024-31/08/2024 8-18 870 Available


Miracampos Horse riding came about through one family's love for equestrian sports. After several years working on this project, in November of 2008, the centre opened its doors to the public with a very clear mission: to offer high quality horse riding courses to children of all different levels and abilities, based on respect to the horse as well as to nature.

Aimed at young people between 8 and 18, this camp does not require any previous horse riding experience or ability: just an eagerness to have fun with the horses and learn. We organise the classes according to the level of the students, such that whatever your level (from the start to the final Competition) you will make great progress. 


Residential: Accommodation at the camp villa with breakfast, lunch and dinner included. The food is home cooked, so the menu can be adjusted for the dietary requirements (gluten-free, allergies…). Arrival at the camp is on Sunday mornings and departure is on Saturdays at midday.

External student: from 9.30 to 20.00, food included. On the last day (Saturday) departure will be at 12.30, like the residential students. 


Miracampos Horse Riding is focussed on the equestrian world, so the main activity at the camps is horse riding, which entails three hours every day of Horse Riding Techniques levels I and II, including voulting, horseball and ponygames. As well as this, they learn how to handle and look after the horse (cleaning and hygiene, plaiting, basic care…)

We combine horse riding activities with other free time activities organised by the supervisors. On the compound, there is a small swimming pool, a volleyball court and a badminton court. Throughout the week, we have games, a barbecue, horse riding treks (students advanced enough for this), and after dinner, the supervisors organise fun parties to finish an enjoyable day

  • Surf Lessons Optional
    Students will have the opportunity to receive three 1.5 hour surf lessons per week at beautiful Zurriola Beach (located in San Sebastián). The course has a €160 cost per week and includes accident insurance and any materials you may need.


The camps are within the Miracampos Horse Riding Centre, situated in Lasarte-Oria, just 8km from San Sebastián. The surroundings and conditions of the facilities are ideal for the Horse Riding Camps, due to the safe and tranquil natural environment in which they are set. This 40 x 20m horse pen is where the students begin learning to ride. Games are also held here, as well as dressage and jumping classes, when the weather stops us using the pitches.

  • Open Track: This 40 x 60m track is where the students of a proficient level take their classes and train for the Jumping competitions. Horseball (horse basketball) is also played here, so we have hoops and special balls.
  • This circle is used for roping and activities like turning or ponygames. 

House within the Centre premises. Fully equipped for 25 guests. 24 hour video surveillance. 


The accommodation is in a house which has been totally reformed in 2021 inside the compound itself, and on the farm live, besides horses, other animals, such as turkeys, ducks, geese, emus and alpacas. 


- One week camp: €825

- Two week camp:  €1.485

- Three week camp: €2.125€

- Four week camp: €2.790

External students: €650 per week

Pick Up Policy

From San Sebastian Airport 
From Bilbao Airport
From Hendaye Train Station
From San Sebastián Train Station
From San Sebastián Bus Station

Please consult for other transfers.

Booking Policy

For the registration to be effective, a reservation charge of €150 must be paid. You will lose 25% of this cost if you cancel before the 15th May, 50% if you cancel between the 16th May and 1st Jun end 100% if you cancel after the 2nd June. It is obligatory to have a valid federative licence/sport card at the time of the camps. 

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.


For residential students

  • Siblings only pay €745
  • Discounts are not accumulative

For external students

  • 10% discount for a sibling or other siblings
  • 10% discount for the second week of stay and the following weeks (not necessarily consecutive)
  • Discounts are not accumulative