• 6-23
  • Taught in Español, Inglés, Español para extranjeros
  • Málaga, España

  • Accomodation includes breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack and dinner. A complete and varied diet made by our nutritionist is wanted in order to provide our students with the necessary vitamins, proteins and calories.
  • August
  • 100
  • 10


Shift Dates Ages Price Status
8 Days 30/06/2024-07/07/2024 6-23 295 Available
8 Days 30/06/2024-07/07/2024 6-23 495 Available
8 Days 30/06/2024-07/07/2024 6-23 995 Available
8 Days 07/07/2024-14/07/2024 6-23 295 Available
8 Days 07/07/2024-14/07/2024 6-23 495 Available
9 Days 06/07/2024-14/07/2024 6-23 995 Available
360 Days 14/07/2024-21/07/2023 6-23 295 Available
8 Days 14/07/2024-21/07/2024 6-23 495 Available
8 Days 14/07/2024-21/07/2024 6-23 995 Available
8 Days 21/07/2024-28/07/2024 6-23 295 Available
8 Days 21/07/2024-28/07/2024 6-23 495 Available
8 Days 21/07/2024-28/07/2024 6-23 995 Available
7 Days 28/07/2024-03/08/2024 6-23 295 Available
7 Days 28/07/2024-03/08/2024 6-23 495 Available
7 Days 28/07/2024-03/08/2024 6-23 995 Available


When does it start?

This 12th July, the INTERNATIONAL PROFUTCAMPS MARBELLA will start. A one-of-a-kind event where students will live together with another students from different countries and cultures for 7 - 49 days highlighting the importance of football and values. The camp will end the 8th august, and will take place in the COSTA DEL SOL Marbella!

Who can take part on it?

Directed towards youngster between 4 and 23 years old that will be divided into small working groups based on their age, playing stance and technical skills (we classify our students by their technical skills so that they can have a personal and adapted football level training). They will live together with another students and coaches from different countries belonging to the greatest Spanish and European youth academies as well as being visited by football and former football first level players.

Small working groups with a specific working plan for goalkeepers with no more than 4 studens per coach. Specific exercises with a great variety of sport material. Trainings with whom we will achieve great skills and aptitudes improvement of our students thanks to our professionals advices.

- ADVANCED LEVEL: Do you have between 15 and 22 years old?

Enjoy high performance training days with a 1st football league coach and our UEFA coaches. Train as if you were a professional football player, play against 1 national league teams. Share a one-of-a-kind experience with more than 16 different nationalities students. If you want to, you can!


Training sessions will expose our students to a real professional training level adopting the methodology of a weekly development plan known as "four corners". It focuses on players in four key aspects, the physical, the mental, the tactical and the social one. Sessions will include skills and tactical practices focused on every game aspect as individual and team attack and defense, the game and its transition elements, specific strengthening activities and injuries prevention classes just for students to make the most of their time in Profutcamps.


Every Advanced Level student will play games under the supervision of technical managers and will have the chance to be chosen for the Profutcamsp Team for future tournaments.


  • Games
  • Night outs
  • Visit of professional players
  • Swimming pool and beach
  • Tour Puerto Banús and Marbella Old Town.


4 Hotel Stars with private beach and Swimming pool.

Natural and artificial grass football pitches


  • 7 days of advanced training level and skills improvement. 21 - 27 june | 28 june - 4 july | 5 - 11 july | 12 - 18 july | 19 - 25 july | 26 july - 1 august | 2 - 8 august
  • Specific daily training.
  • UEFA coaches from youth academies as Real Madrid CF, Valencia CF, Espanyol CF, as well as our personal trainer working with 1st football league players and our video analyst.
  • Visits from different celebrities among which there will be at least one 1st football league player and former football players as Marcos Senna.
  • Activities: Swimming pool, Beach, Tour old town Marbella and Puerto Banús, private analysis tutoring and football games and our incredible nights out.
  • Environmental, social media, sexology, integration and study consciousness-raising talks.
  • 2 complete football training kits.
  • Instructor and coach for each 10 students.
  • High quality working material and facilities that will share our working philosophy.
  • Profutcamps certification.

Extra Servicies

  • Nutrition plan made by our personal trainer working in 1st football league.
  • Personal video analysis.
  • Transfer Airport - Hotel.
  • Laundry service.

Pick Up Policy

The entrance will be Sunday at 11:00 and picking up Saturday at 13:00


  • Is the 2nd time you come with us? 5% discount
  • Is the 3rd or more time you come with us? 10% discount
  • Have you got a brother or sister? Are both of you coming? 10% discount for one of them
  • Are 5 of you coming playing for the same team? 5% discount each
  • Discounts are not accumulative.