Surfing Summer Camp by Finca El Mazo

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13 Days04/07/2021-16/07/20217-13890Full
13 Days18/07/2021-30/07/20217-13890Available
6 Days29/06/2021-04/07/20217-13541Available
7 Days04/07/2021-10/07/20217-13634Available
7 Days10/07/2021-16/07/20217-13634Available
7 Days18/07/2021-24/07/20217-13634Available
7 Days24/07/2021-30/07/20217-13634Available


Finca El Mazo Surf camp is ideal for learning new sports and making friends!

This Kitesurfing camp encourages physical activity. During their stay, they will have the chance to try out new sports and work as part of a team with people of different backgrounds.  As well as surfing, children at this camp can enjoy: canoeing, mountain biking, zip-wire, climbing wall, archery, football, basketball etc.

We provide specialise supervisors for each of the courses that we teach, including sports and leisure professionals, who provide a secure and personalised service.  We are based just 30 minutes from Santander (Cantabria) and 40 minutes from Bilbao (Vizcaya), and are near to the sea and mountain terrain. 


Water sports: These activities take place on Laredo beach Cantabria Santander, depending on the weather conditions. 

  • 10 hour surfing course

Multiadventure Activities:

  • Canoeing down the Rada river on our own jetty
  • Stand Up Paddle in the Rada river
  • Mountain biking around the area
  • Archery
  • Wall climbing
  • Zip-wire
  • Monkey bridge
  • Beginners caving


We are based just 30 minutes from Santander (Cantabria) and 40 minutes from Bilbao (Vizcaya), and are near to the sea and mountain terrain. 

Accommodation: El Mazo can house 264 people in 24 four-person bungalows and English-style wood cabins. These are distributed as follows:

  • 10 wooden cabins for 24 people each (with 8 person rooms)
  • 3 wooden cabins for 8 people each (with 4 person rooms)
  • 3 bathroom areas divided for both sexes and equipped with 10 hot water showers and 10 toilets.


Finca El Mazo’s facilities are set on a 32, 000 m2 farm, fully fenced off and landscaped, situated on the banks of the Rada River. The buildings are fully fitted out and furnished.

  • School Facilities: 10 multipurpose classrooms, 1 audiovisual classroom, 2 staff rooms, 2 support rooms.
  • Sports and Recreational Facilities: Swimming pool and filter system, sports hall (with basketball and football courts etc.), archery area, multiadventure tower with climbing wall and zip-line, indoor games area, outdoor games area: 1 footballfield, parking  for coaches, reception and offices, kitchen and canteen, 400m2 indoor zone, 10 classrooms for different activities.
  • Health and security: We are prepared for providing medical assistance and dealing with all kinds of health issues.
  • Support for the youngest children: We assign a supervisor to each cabin so that throughout the day, there is a person of reference who they can take any query or problem to. At night, the children are supervised at all times and ensuring a sense of safety with an adult looking after them.
  • Team of supervisors: Both in the football and summer camps, the coordinators put a lot of care and time into selecting and training the supervisors who work on each programme. All supervisors are qualified in accordance with summer camp legislation.
  • Food and special menus: All allergies and intolerances can be catered for. 


  • Home-cooked quality food, cooked by a professional chef registered by A.P.P.C.
  • Sports facilities: Olympic swimming pool, climbing wall, football pitches, sports hall etc.
  • Personal attention given to each individual child. A qualified supervisor for every 7 children, with the youngest children (7 to 9 years old) sleeping under the watch of a supervisor.
  • Public liability and accident insurance with Allianz Insurance
  • Gluten-intolerant children or children with allergies can be catered for.
  • Laundry service every 2 weeks

Pick Up Policy

For groups coming from outside Cantabria, we provide a collection service.

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.