Fast English

Fast English Day Summer Camp

  • 4-12
  • Taught in Inglés, Inmersión Lingüística, Español para extranjeros
  • Calle Malcampo, 11, 28002 Madrid, España
    Calle Pechuán 12 esquina Suero de Quiñones

  • Bring home to avoid allergic problems and expedite mealtime. Prepared / heated in our kitchens by monitors with food handling license.
  • June
  • 40
  • 2 main monitors + 1 coordinator + 3 monitors support


Shift Dates Ages Price Status
5 Days 24/06/2024-28/06/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 01/07/2024-05/07/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 08/07/2024-12/07/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 15/07/2024-19/07/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 22/07/2024-26/07/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 29/07/2024-02/08/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 05/08/2024-09/08/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 12/08/2024-16/08/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 19/08/2024-23/08/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 26/08/2024-30/08/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available
5 Days 02/09/2024-06/09/2024 4-12 165 135€ Available


Fast Inglés Summer Camp, The Kelly Method, S.L. This camp is aimed at teaching the English language with a unique and innovative program of studies.

DAY CAMP SPANISH FOR FOREIGNERS The biggest innovation of urban camp this year is that we have designed a parallel Spanish program for international students. After years receiving requests for a programme for foreign students, we have now decided to implement it. Students can practice this immersion program first hand, not only with our native and bilingual guides, but with the English-speaking international students. In our experience, one of the pillars of learning in the camps comes in the form of student interaction.

We always make sure that tasks are solved not only by the camp coaches and teachers but also the students and peers, this being the best way to make progress. Every summer, from the end of June and throughout July, you can learn English and Spanish for foreigners, at the Urban Summer Camp, using traditional games and songs from Anglo-Saxon culture, supplemented by outdoor activities. You'll be spoiled with water fights, picnics, juggling, puppets, computer games and trips.

We also run workshops such as martial arts, painting, theatre and dance in which children and teachers have fun together, making the activities a success. Summers will become an time for creativity and imagination where your children will learn by being immersed in the language



  • Urban art
  • Science Experiments
  • Grafitti
  • Movie theater
  • Creative writing
  • Photography


  • Football
  • Martial Arts
  • Skate
  • Dance
  • Swimming
  • Baseball
  • Climbing


TRIPS : The trips leave from and return to our centers , aiming to leave at 9:30 and return at 13:30.

  • Ocius Park
  • Autonomous University of MadridPrivate pool
  • Amusement park
  • Europa park
  • Vertical Park
  • Gymkhana park Rey Juan Carlos I
  • Capricho park
  • Archery
  • Madrid Rio


Our centers are suitable for safe and stimulating Child Development. During the course, children between 4 and 8 regularly attend our centres, and use English materials and games to stimulate their imagination and creativity .

  • Consists of hall
  • storage area for personal belongings of the students
  • two airy rooms.
  • A room containing mirrors , playground , and stereo .
  • Another living room contains mail,
  • Classroom crafts, video projection area , library area .
  • The Centre: There is also a fully equipped kitchen , storage of materials and games, cleaning area , computer area and bathrooms for boys and girls .


Qualified supervisors The staff who work Fast English Summer camps are teachers who have years of experience working with children and have been trained with our teaching method, specializing in Teaching , Psychology or Pedagogy. The supervisors that assist with the activities are leisure supervisors with more than3 years of experience in bilingual or immersion camps. They have different qualifications, such as in leisure and entertainment , leisure coordination, food handling and other specialties.

We have specialized staff including teachers certified by the National Department of Kenpo and professionals of the Royal Conservatory of Music in Berlin .

Pick Up Policy


  • 8:30a.m. - 2:00p.m. 165€
  • 8:30a.m. - 3:00p.m. 180€
  • 8:30a.m. - 4:00p.m. 205€

Extension from 7:30 to 17:00 - 10 € / day or 40 € / week.

Booking Policy

To book of our urban space Immersion Camp, you must: Pay a deposit of 50 %. The other 50 % must be paid before the start of the camp. From the 3rd week onwards,  instalments may be customized to your needs. 

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.