• 9-17
  • Taught in Español, Español para extranjeros
  • Unnamed Road, 25530, Lleida, España

  • Basic menu adapted for dietary requirements etc. (Optional)
  • July
  • 100
  • 9 supervisors + 3 coordinators + 12 support supervisors


Shift Dates Ages Price Status
8 Days 02/07/2023-09/07/2023 9-17 790 Available
8 Days 09/07/2023-16/07/2023 9-17 790 Available


Our summer Tech Camps are a space for children between 4 and 17 years old to give free rein to their creative talents and take the lead in creative scientific-technical projects. This is a great way for children to enjoy an alternative leisure activity during their summer holidays, as well as a rewarding learning experience in different technological areas.
Throughout the week, the participants at our camps are encouraged to let their creative talents run free. They will take part in small scientific-technical projects in engaging environments, giving them a great insight into potential future professions such as robotics, game design or programming of games and apps. For their projects, each team will create their own digital story and on the last day, each team will present their project to their family. 
In line with our methodology, our Tech Camps are based around a programme of challenges with different steps. Working in teams of 3, to carry out this project, participants must apply both their technical knowledge and social skills. Creativity, perseverance and teamwork are the necessary ingredients our students need to go from consumers to digital creators. 


The Genius assistants from 9 to 11 years old make the Inventor Lab camp, which unites the construction and programming of robots and the development of minigames with Tynker and Kodu, each week we will have a challenge for those who attend more than a week.

For those older than 12 or more years, the Explorer, are divided each week into 2 groups that make a project in the Robotic Area or in the Coding / Design Area. These areas are repeated every week.

For those who attend more than a week, one week they develop one area and the next the other. All attendees will have a minilab with 3D printers, to enter the world of 3D design and printing

  • Genius area: Robotics. Lego Balance Combat and Autonomous Car  4th-6th grade (9 to 11 years old). Programming, Robotics and Electronics. We will have 2 different projects. The 1st and 3rd week Lego Balance Combat, and the 2nd Autonomous Car.
  • Explorer Area: Robotics. Maker experience and Industry 4.0   1º of ESO in future (12 or + years)   Maker | Programming | Industrial robotics. We will have 2 different projects. The 1st and 3rd week Maker Experience, and in the 2nd The Factory of the Future.
  • Explorer Area: Coding. Unreal - Fortnite   1º of ESO in future (12 or + years). Videogame programming.


  • Accommodation in apartments with 2-3 person shared rooms
  • Sports facilities
  • Workshop (Our garage)
  • Canteen
  • Bath and shower area


  • Technical material for classes
  • Informative programmes for monitoring the workshops
  • Specialist technology teachers
  • Insurance
  • English used as a first language
  • Accommodation
  • Adventure programme with sports and games

Pick Up Policy

Transfer Service there and back from the following cities:

  • Barcelona
  • Lleida
  • Bilbao or San Sebastian

(*) Note: Depending on the size of the group, the children will be taken to the facilities on a private bus or on the public bus, ALWAYS accompanied by someone from the organisation.

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.


  • Second and third week - 50€
  • Returning students (Camps, Extrascholar and Clubs) -40€
  • With a sibling or friend: -40€ (for each participant)