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Robotics and Technology MEDITERRÁNEO TECH: Program for internal students that includes English classes, robotics classes (engineering projects "DIY Maker", home automation and Internet, Raspberry Pi, Unity 3D, modeling and 3D design, electro-robotics, video games, etc), multi-adventure, workshops, excursion to water park / wipe out and water sports activities.

Accommodation in wooden cabins with full board in charge of our restaurant. The cabins are share based on sex and ages. The students join on Saturday afternoon from 5pm to 6pm and end on Saturdays from 11am to 1pm

Our team of pedagogues and teachers of V & Z training have designed new courses adapting the technologies and knowledge to each age group of students. For this, there is a complete itinerary, not a specific course, which allows the development of said competences. In short, new projects focused on achieving learning objectives, which are innovative, entertaining and fun.


  • Robotics and Electronics (7 to 10)

Programming, robotics and electronics for the little ones. They use tools adapted for them as LEGO WeDo (creation of cranes, crocodiles, ferris wheels ...) and they will also meet their older brother LEGO Mindstroms, a programmable robot with great personality. They also practice the construction of their own controls or electronic games through the Makey Makey electronic platform. Learn to program Dash & Dot robots with Blocky (a simple programming language that can be controlled from a Tablet or mobile) and give life to Bee-Bot bees, learning the basics of programming with Scratch.

  • Minecraft (10 to 13)

In these dynamics, students create and design their own maps and terrains in Minecraft using MCEdit and WorldPainter and 2D drawings with Minecraft Structure Planner. They place 3D objects created by themselves with 3D modelling tools such as TinkerCAD. They also learn to program the Mods they design: from new blocks or creatures to new player skills or change the game mode settings. All with the MCreator tool. Add to Minecraft everything you can imagine!

  • Arduino Maker Engineering and 3D printing (12 to 17)

Introduction to the DIY world (do it yourself) with the ARDUINO ecosystem / 3D Printers / Android / App Inventor. Creation of intelligent machines using ARDUINO plates as an interface with analogue and digital systems.3D design of pieces of some of the artefacts and their communication through Android phones, with which they are also handled with APP Inventor.

  • Language classes and workshops: option of English or Spanish
  • Adventure activities: Rope-bridges, climbing wall, archery, zip-line and much more!
  • Workshops in English and Spanish
  • Trip to a water park: Aquarama
  • Surfing: For the surfing activity, we hope for agreeable surfing conditions to make the children's first venture into the waves as smooth as possible. The aim is to have fun, taking in the techniques, through games and interactive exercises that help the children to learn the basic movements, understand their priorities and feel the harmony of the wave breaking. 
  • Bodysurfing: This is a discipline that uses the waves' energy to manoeuvre, producing an incredible feeling. As well as doing this standing up on a board, you can also do it lying down (bodyboard), or even with your own body (bodysurf).
  • Paddle Surf: Paddle surf or SUP is a sport derived from surfing that is becoming extremely popular, as it can be learnt relatively quickly, it is not as physically demanding as surfing and you don't need waves to do it in cruise mode. Another advantage is the views that it can offer, since you can observe the marine backdrop and peacefully enjoy some spectacular views.
  • Kayaking: The different aspects of this rowing activity are as follows: Familiarising yourself with the event of capsizing: Firstly, you have to make sure that you feel comfortable in the water, that being underwater doesn't make you nervous and that you can move with ease in the water. Orientation underwater: Capsizing into the water changes your spatial awareness, as it is different from when you're out of the water. You have to learn to find reference points in this new situation in order to do the later exercises. Coordination without oars exercise. Startring position (Paulata style). Hip strokes, lateral support.
  • Snorkelling: During the snorkelling activity, we enjoy the underwater marvels of the Mediterranean sea. This year, this is done with new the Easybreath masks, which we have tested ourselves and which we can assure will offer an enthralling experience. 
  • Technification activities: tennis, padel, basketball, handball, indoor football


Our camp has at its disposal extremely comfortable bungalows, set in a natural environment, with terraces, bunk beds, a sofa and double bed (4 person room). This also includes a 24 hour reception, a conference room, a hot water spa, a crosscurrent swimming pool, an outdoor pool, a computer room, wifi connection, a cinema room, a restaurant with a large dining area, fully renovated showers and toilets, a kiosk, infirmary, multimedia room, laundry service and all this under full supervision 24 hours a day. 


  • Meals (Breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack)
  • All activities
  • It includes accident insurance for the water sports, letting you practise them safely and responsibly
  • Uniform

Pick Up Policy

For the external programmes, the students camp and there are buses from Castellon to Oropesa and return buses to Castellon. A supervisor will pick them up at the closest stop to the campsite and accompany them to the same stop at the end of the programme.

Our camp offers a pick-up point and back at the NORTH VALENCIA STATION every Saturday, for a minimum stay of two weeks in the camp. On the other hand, if the parents wish, they will be able to approach themselves or a relative to the camp from 5:00 p.m. to 6:00 p.m. on the camp start days, as well as pick them up from 11:00 a.m. to 1:00 p.m. days of end of camp.  Pick up points:

  • Valencia North Station
  • Castellón Airport
  • Valencia Airport
  • Train station / AVE Valencia
  • Oropesa del Mar Train Station
  • AVANZABUS bus station
  • Customizable for groups

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.