Basketball camp in USA

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At BIU they will be able to enjoy an intense journey where they will combine sport, language, and culture in an organized, fun and didactic way. The American experience will allow them to improve both their basketball and their English level through leisure and fun.

First-level basketball coaches, both European and American, will ensure an exceptional quality of training and native English teachers with experience with international students will help participants to improve their English.

In our camp, we encourage cultural exchange with people of other nationalities. Learning about new cultures and interact with them, it always enriches us as individuals and opens our minds.


  • Training and daily basketball competitions.
  • Playing basketball in universal language: They will have fun in 3×3 and 5×5 competitions, they will play against American players, they will learn from players with NBA experience and everything always in English. This practice will help them communicate better with friends, strangers or co-workers.
  • First-level basketball coaches, both European and American, will ensure an exceptional quality of training and native English teachers with experience with international students will help participants to improve their English.
  • Talks with players who have gone through the WNBA or NBA.
  • English classes.
  • Practice of other sports within the university.
  • Talks with nutritionists, trainers, coaches and others.
  • Excursions to Chicago and Milwaukee: We will walk through downtown Chicago, The Loop, where the first skyscrapers were built or where a train passes over the streets. Visit the Museum of Science and Industry and eat the famous Chicago pizza. We will also go to one of the most famous amusement parks in the United States, Six Flags. Finally, we will discover Milwaukee and perform a myriad of outdoor activities


The basketball camp will take place at MSOE (Milwaukee School of Engineering).

This university from Milwaukee has been included by Forbes magazine on its prestigious America’s Top Colleges. University is located in the very center of Milwaukee, in a quiet and safe neighborhood, 10 minutes walk away from the Milwaukee Bucks basketball arena.

MSOE is known for its varied engineering, business, social sciences and humanities studies, and has a large variety of international students.

  • Modern facilities: the University has two hardwood pavilions, a physiotherapy room next to the main pavilion and a gym with all kinds of machines.
  • Outdoor activities: In addition to basketball, the University has top-level sport facilities, including football fields and volleyball courts
  • Common areas: In their fee time, they can take advantage of common spaces, where they can interact with other students or relax for a while.
  • Classrooms: we can freely use any classroom in the university to teach English classes or any other didactic session.

Beyond the mentioned areas, the university has many other common spaces such as the library or playrooms.


  • All Transportation is Included: Round-trip flight tickets from Barcelona. Pick up at the airport and delivery to the University. Transportation is also included during the weekend excursions to Chicago, malls, Milwaukee suburbs and any other medium-long distance trips.
  • Health Insurance and Travel Insurance. All participants will have medical and travel insurance tailored to a country like the United States, where the costs of medical services and other basic services are very high. It covers many other things including medical expenses up to € 100,000.
  • Tours to Chicago and Milwaukee. We are going to visit The Loop, in downtown Chicago, where the first skyscrapers and the trains passing by over the streets were first built. We are also going to visit Milwaukee to do outdoor activities in order to take full advantage of this experience in the United States.
  • Physiotherapy Service. Next to the basketball courts in the facility, there is a training room fully equipped with all kinds of materials for the prevention and treatment. There are also libraries, lounges, and playing rooms that are very close to the dorms..
  • Double Rooms and Communal Areas. The dormitories will be provided with a desk per student to study. All the rooms have an extra bed, that can also be used. The bathrooms will be shared with other students on the same floor. Furthermore, there are communal areas like the dining room, the library or the gaming room that are all very close from the dormitories.
  • Buffet Included. The university has a free buffet that will be open to campus participants during breakfast, lunch and dinner. The buffet is plentiful and varied, and the tutors will supervise what you eat. You can order gluten-free or vegetarian menus as well as any other menu for participants with allergies or specific diets.
  • Reversible Jersey. Baloncesto in USA will provide practice jerseys to all the participants. They will have to wear them during practice time and they can keep them as an experience memory.

Pick Up Policy

Departing from Barcelona and Madrid.