• 7-17
  • Taught in Español, Inglés, Español para extranjeros
  • Avenida Barcelona, Vereda de la Didota, s/n 12594 Oropesa del Mar.

  • Breakfast, lunch and afternoon Snack
  • July
  • 130
  • 1 supervisor for every 4-12 participants


Campamentos Mediterráneo was created as a group synergy of different companies, in order to offer different educational programs during the year, in the most effective and attractive way as possible. The fact of being present in numerous educational centres working in different areas, such as our PK English project, Cambridge Exam preparation, and extracurricular activities, among others, allows us to have a team of professionals with extensive experience in this sector.

Program intended for students who seek to participate in all camp activities but prefer to sleep at home. It includes language classes (to choose between Spanish and English), multi-adventure activities, water sports, sports and the possibility of choosing between robotics and cooking from the 1th to 19th July. The program includes half board (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack).


Our main objectives are: 

  • • To transmit and share our passion for the sea by making possible for our students the practice of some water sports.
  • • Learning English and Spanish in a multicultural atmosphere.
  • • Playing sports as a link with educational values.
  • • To empower students on their daily tasks and show them how to fend for themselves.
  • • To improve, through the proposed activities, the knowledge of the natural world and the environment.
  • • Enhancing creativity and development of attitudes, intellectual abilities and skills; in a close relationships context.
  • • • Acquire Social and Environmental Commitment.
  • • To turn the free time into an educational and sporting learning and make the leisure time at school the perfect moment to develop both, physical and cognitive activities, while interrelating with each other.
  • • Learn to cook different dishes, learning of the Mediterranean gastronomy.
  • • Start with technological activities, robotics and programming.
  • • In short, learn while having fun.


  • Language classes and workshops: option of English or Spanish
  • Adventure activities: Rope-bridges, climbing wall, archery, zip-line and much more!
  • Workshops in English and Spanish
  • Trip to a water park: Aquarama

Nautical activities: Campamentos Mediterráneo has an extensive nautical program in terms of sport practice at the sea.

  • Among the disciplines that we practice, we highlight: SURF, BODYBOARD, PADDLE SURF, KAYAK
  • SNORKEL and as a novelty, we introduce initiation to DIVING.
  • In the activity of SURF, we look for soft conditions to make the first encounters with the waves more pleasant. The objective is to have fun assimilating the techniques, through games, simulations with proprioceptive exercises, learn basic movements, respect priorities and harmony in the surf.
  • The BODYBOARD serves as an initiation to surfing, since this discipline uses the energy of the waves to move us and allows us to acquire technique in order to practice with larger boards.
  • DIVING: We perform journeys of subaquatic discovery, in which we experience the first sensations of breathing underwater.
  • The PADDLE SURF, SUP or STAND UP PADDLE is a sport derived from surfing that is gaining great popularity, since it is learned quickly, it is not as physically demanding as surfing and it does not need waves for its practice as a crossing. It also offers a new perspective, since it allows to observe the seabed and quietly enjoy incredible views.
  • KAYAK The different aspects of this rowing activity are as follows: Familiarising yourself with the event of capsizing: Firstly, you have to make sure that you feel comfortable in the water, that being underwater doesn't make you nervous and that you can move with ease in the water. Orientation underwater: Capsizing into the water changes your spatial awareness, as it is different from when you're out of the water. You have to learn to find reference points in this new situation in order to do the later exercises. Coordination without oars exercise. Startring position (Paulata style). Hip strokes, lateral support.
  • SNORKEL, we work with Easybreath masks on the beach and in the pool, to get used to breathing underwater. After that, we establish games and dynamics that favour the learning of different techniques.
  • Technification activities: tennis, padel, basketball, handball, indoor football


Our summer camps in Oropesa del Mar have excellent facilities on the beachfront. We have accommodations in wooden cabins with toilets and showers for the exclusive use of the participants; six classrooms for language classes and workshops (two with projector), own kitchen prepared for all types of diets (with the possibility of developing special diets such as vegans, for allergies and intolerances ...), summer pool, hot water spa , computer room, Wi-Fi, restaurant with large dining room, laundry, playground and ideal spaces around us to enjoy evening events, workshops, excursions and all kinds of activities whether sports, nautical ... and all this under full supervision 24 hours a day. 

Camping Didota has facilities which are kept in continuous update, to provide an unforgettable experience to all the visitors.


  • Accommodation
  • Maintenance
  • All activities
  • Half board service (breakfast, lunch and afternoon snack).
  • It includes accident insurance for the water sports, letting you practise them safely and responsibly

Pick Up Policy

For external programs students have access to the campsite with the intercity buses from Castellón to Oropesa and return to Castellón. A monitor will pick them up at the stop closest to the camping and will accompany them to the same stop at the end of the program. The AVANZABUS regular bus line is also available, departing in Madrid and stopping at Oropesa del Mar, 1 kilometre from our camp, offering pick-up by our staff. In case of being a group, the collection point can be customized according to the needs (Madrid, Barcelona, Tarragona, Valencia, etc...).

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.