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6 Days26/06/2022-01/07/20229-15550Available
14 Days03/07/2022-16/07/20229-151160Available
14 Days17/07/2022-30/07/20229-151100Available


Tatanka Summer Camps is a Spanish camp company, with almost 15 years experience organising school activities, sports activities, and language, sport and adventure camps for children and young people.
Our programmes take place on high quality facilities, at the heart of the natural world, and with wide-open spaces and infrastructure for carrying out a varied activity programme of adventure, sport, workshops and language. The camps that we organise are characterised by the personalised care that we provide, with qualified staff with vast experience in the sector, who strive to make the camps as enjoyable as possible for the children, in a safe learning environment.
Adventure II is a linguistic immersion experience in English, without setting foot outside Spain, and the heart of the natural world. With a complete programme of adventure activities, sports and workshops but without language classes.
TATANKA CAMP is the first camp to have a FACE certificate (Federation of Associations of Spanish Gluten-intolerant Persons) guaranteeing a cuisine that is adapted to this group.


On AdventureII, only communication in English or Spanish for foreigners is permitted throughout the entire stay.There are no language classes, but native Spanish and bilingual supervisors,who guarantee an environment of 100% English and Spanish for  foreigners immersion throughout the programmeof adventure activities, sports and workshops:

  • Multi-adventure circuit in rope park
  • Zip line
  • Climbing wall
  • Canoeing
  • Stand-up Surfing
  • Beginners horse-riding
  • Hockey and volleyball
  • Dance, theatre and music workshop
  • Slackline and other alternative sports
  • Archery
  • Go-karting
  • Badminton and table-tennis
  • Football and basketball
  • Hiking and orienteering
  • Radio workshop
  • Swimming pool activities
Activities in English and Spanish for foreigners
All of the activities, sports, workshops, games and activeexercises will be done in English and Spanish for foreigners. This will be the only language permitted tocommunicate with other participants and supervisors, so as soon as they get offthe bus, the participants will start to communicate.
The Tatanka Adventure II is designed for boys and girls aged10 to 15, with a medium to high level of spoken English and Spanish. This total immersionin another language requires the participants to have an adequate level ofconversational English or Spanish, so they will take level tests before starting theadventure, to guarantee the right integration into the day-to-day of the camp.
To meet our objectives, we have a team of supervisors,qualified and specialised in these types of camps, with a mix of bilingual Spanishspeakers and native English speakers.


In Tierra de Pinares, less than two hours from Madrid and just 15km from Medina del Campo, in the province of Valladolid. With high quality facilities, in a beautiful environment: 
  • 150, 000 m2 of natural woodland, fully fenced off.
  • Accommodation for 140 people, in bedrooms with bunkbeds, for 8/10 persons each
  • 2 large stone dining rooms
  • Adventure circuit, with zip-line and rope bridges
  • Swimming pool
  • Climbing wall
  • 2 artificial lakes
  • Zip line
  • Sports facilities: football, basketball, volleyball…
  • Classrooms
  • Farm and eco-orchard area
The food is completely home-cooked, based on a menu designed by nutritionists from our own kitchens on our facilities. We can adapt it for any type of dietary requirements or food allergy. 
Amongst our staff, we have 2 camp directors, 2 coordinators, a team of supervisors (at a ratio of 1 per 10 children), a team of language teachers, 2 lifeguards and support staff.


  • Full board accommodation
  • Complete activity programme
  • Language Course
  • 24h direction and supervisors
  • Supporting material for classes and activities
  • Transport to and from Madrid
  • Laundry service
  • Accident and public liability insurance
  • Daily emails
  • Daily blog and social networks

Pick Up Policy

The camp starts on the Sunday, next to the Plaza de Toros, where our buses depart from. On the last day of each stay, there is a party for the parents, where they can watch the performance that the kids have prepared for them in the language classes. If a parent cannot make the camp on the last day, a bus will take the child back to the Plaza de Toros de las Ventas (Madrid).

The price includes a laundry service, for which once a week, each participant must send his or her clothes to be washed. For this service, all clothes and accessories need to be marked with a registration number.

Contact between participants and their parents is carried out in two ways: the parents can send a daily email to their children, which will be printed and delivered at the end of the day; the participants will make 2 weekly phone calls, one to their mother and one to their father, using the camp mobiles. Every local call costs €1.

The participants are supervised 24 hours a day by the team of supervisors, at a ratio 1 per 10 children. They are responsible for safeguarding, learning and enjoyment of the activities. We also have a team of language teachers and camp directors. 

Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme.