International Spanish & Sports Camp

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The combination of Spanish & sports is the fundamental basis of this course. Spanish is taught throughout all the camp and reinforced in daily classes using the 4 key language skills (listening, writing, reading and speaking). Students will develop these skills working creatively through games, songs, crafts and projects, as well as through the use of new technologies both inside and outside the classroom.

The aim is to achieve the balance of fun and learning so that our young students can make the most out of their language course.



SPANISH CLASSES: Our Spanish course is based on the communicative approach to learning Spanish. Classes combine brushing-up of students’ Spanish with a fun approach, so that the structures of the language are easily assimilated. Groups of no more than 15 students.

ACTIVITIES: Timetabling is designed to involve students in the largest number of sports, workshops and recreational activities possible, and is always focused on different age groups. Sports, workshops and activities that take place in the camp have the objective that language immersion is pleasant and natural. Our goal is to promote the learning of a language through creative activities in which personal communication skills are developed. In classes, student’s focus on learning a foreign language as a tool to achieve other goals, through which the students can see the utility of what has already been learnt. Due to the different interests of the campers, the kids can create their perfect afternoon. After snack, kids can choose between three different activities. One activity is always sport based, the other one is always arts&crafts based and the third one is movement based. This way, every child can find their place and their preferred activity at camp.


SCHOOL: King’s College is a prestigious day and boarding school which provides British education for children from the age of 2 to 18 years during the academic year. It’s located on an attractive 12-acre site in the countryside between Madrid and the Guadarrama mountains and is well connected to the city centre by road, bus and rail.The location is perfect for students looking to explore Madrid as well as immerse themselves in this unique Boarding school experience sharing accommodation and activities with Spanish teens.

SPORT FACILITIES: 2 swimming pools, one of them for small children, Football ground and five-a-aside football pitches, Tennis courts, Multipurpose, Courts, Riding School, Gym

OTHER FACILITIES: Accommodation: dorms (shared bathroom), Accommodation: twin rooms (en suite), Sickbay, Classrooms and computer room, Arts and crafts room, Dining room



  • 1 group leader for every 10 students group
  • Full board and accommodation
  • 20 Spanish sessions per week
  • Sports and leisure programme such as badminton, handball, archery, swimming, etc.
  • 1 full day excursion every week
  • Bunk bed equipped room with access to a shared bathroom
  • Course materials
  • Transfer service
  • Laundry
  • Medical Insurance
  • Blog
  • Access to Class Dojo
  • TENNIS: 3 weekly classes with a highly qualified and experienced Tennis Instructor in Spanish (Optional/Additional cost)
  • HORSE RIDING: 2 weekly classes with a qualified and a vastly experienced Horseback Riding Instructor in Spanish (Optional/Additional cost)
  • SWIMMING: 3 weekly swimming lessons given by certified and experienced Lifeguards in Spanish (Optional/Additional cost)


  • 1 group leader for every 10 students
  • 20 Spanish sessions per week
  • Sports and leisure programme such as badminton, handball, archery, swimming
  • Course materials
  • Laundry
  • Medical Insurance
  • Blog
  • Access to Class Dojo
  • WEEKLY EXCURSION: Going on a weekly trip. Aquopolis, Warner and and Pantano de San Juan, depending on the week(Optional/Additional cost)
  • EXTENDED HOURS: from 08:00 to 09:00 (breakfast at 08:30) and 17:00 to 18:00 (with snack at 17:30)(Optional/Additional cost)
  • BUS ROUTES: The routes are set, fixed, and cannot be altered. A monitor travels in the coach.(Optional/Additional cost)
  • TENNIS: 3 classes per week(Optional/Additional cost)
  • HORSE RIDING: 2 classes per week(Optional/Additional cost)
  • SWIMMING: 3 classes per week(Optional/Additional cost)

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