Spanish and adventure in Cantabria

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The NewPa project was born from the search for an educational alternative based on transmitting the importance of environmental values and awareness through linguistic immersion experiences. Spanish is used as a vehicular language to kindle their interest in other cultures and thus give them the possibility to put into practice what they have already learnt in the classroom.

The NewPa project is born from the search for an educational alternative, based on transmitting the importance of personal autonomy and environmental awareness through linguistic immersion

In our camps, like in all our programs, Spanish is used to arouse children's interest in other cultures and thus empower them to improve on what they learn in the classroom.

Additionally, NewPa is an initiative that brings children closer to nature and through it, awareness of environmental values ​​are raised in order to implement the concept of “Econscience”. Our immersions are conditioned by the dedication and care put into the design and development of our programs.

The development of educational materials is homemade in order to comprehend the importance of using sustainable and recycled materials. Through this we hope to transmit values ​​such as responsibility, respect and solidarity.

We place the utmost importance on the health and safety of everyone. Hence, all our monitors are well trained and prepared to provide security and ensure compliance with regulations to avoid risk situations. Likewise, everyone knows the protocols if there is an emergency. If necessary, the health center is only 7 minutes away by car in the town of Astillero and the Valdecilla hospital (Santander) is 5 minutes away.


  • ✓ Spanish as the vehicular language
  • ✓ Qualified native and bilingual monitors
  • ✓ Workshops and games aimed at promoting the importance of caring for the environment through education in values
  • ✓ Great motivation for the use of Spanish among each other
  • ✓ Kids enjoy with local Spanish children during breaks
  • ✓ What is produced In the workshops is used in the activities
  • ✓ Learning the concept of Circular Economy
  • ✓ Possibility of Inclusion of families on the last day of camping
  • ✓ Ecological farm in the middle of nature (next to Cabárceno)
  • ✓ Spectacular routes in the Massif Natural Park of Peña Cabarga
  • ✓ Small groups
  • ✓ Volunteers from all over the world to provide cultural diversity


  • Camping / Acampada
  • Nature Workshops / Talleres de naturaleza
  • Farmhouse food / Comida casera
  • Responsible MasterChef / MasterChef Responsable
  • Musical experience / Experiencia musical
  • Nature crafts / Manualidades de la naturaleza
  • Campfire / Hoguera
  • Homemade soap /Jabón casero
  • Forest Warrior / Guerrero del bosque
  • Performance / Actuación
  • Circular Economy / Economía circular
  • Sewing workshop / Taller de costura
  • Orienteering / Orientación
  • Recycled paper / Papel Reciclado
  • Grocery store role play / Representación supermercado
  • Hiking / Rutas de montaña
  • Wood work / Trabajo de carpintería
  • 3Rs / 3Rs
  • Teamwork dynamics / Dinámicas de trabajo de equipo
  • Acrobatics / Acrobacias
  • Acroyoga
  • And more... / Y más…


Our summer camps are held in the Peña Cabarga Natural Park, next to Cabárceno, situated in the beautiful province of Cantabria. The farm La Estrella welcomes our activity in its breathtaking lands in the heart of Socabarga. They farm consists of extensive livestock in exemplary fields with the perfect balance between forest and meadow.


At NewPa, meals are a very important and significant aspect of the day. Instead of being mere recipients, we wanted to give children a leading role in the preparation of meals by bringing out the Responsible MasterChefs in them.

Children create the menu, calculate the portions and prepare the food. Everything is done under the supervision of the monitor team, with strict care and caution practiced to minimise possible allergies and intolerances. Additionally, our group of volunteers provide a helping hand in order to improve efficiency.


  • Full Board (5 meals - balanced diet prepared by an expert nutritionist)
  • Accommodation in high-quality tents
  • 24h on duty team of monitors
  • 24h on duty coordinator
  • Personalized treatment (ratio 1 responsible monitor-mentor- of every 7/8 children)
  • Immersion in Spanish (English will only be used in case of emergency or extreme need)
  • Specific materials for educational workshops
  • Support vehicle
  • First aid kit and transfer to medical
  • 24-hour emergency telephone services
  • Liability and accident insurance
  • Gift

Pick Up Policy

  • ✓ Transfer Madrid-Socabarga by train or bus depending on availability: € 60-90
  • ✓ Bus / train / plane pick-up: € 20 each way
  • ✓ Cancellation insurance: € 15

Booking Policy

  • ✓ Until April 30: full refund with € 40 cancellation fees
  • ✓ From 1 May to 3 June: full refund with 80 € cancellation fees
  • ✓ From June 4: refund not possible


  • ✓ Early Birds (Until the first of March)
  • ✓ One week (6 days, Sunday to Saturday) 325€
  • ✓ Two weeks (13 days, Sunday to Saturday) 580€