Equestrian Camp In Madrid by EQUUS ELM

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5 Days27/06/2022-01/07/20224-17214Full
5 Days04/07/2022-08/07/20224-17214Full
5 Days11/07/2022-15/07/20224-17214Full
5 Days18/07/2022-22/07/20224-17214Full
5 Days25/07/2022-29/07/20224-17214Full
5 Days27/06/2022-01/07/20224-17316Full
5 Days04/07/2022-08/07/20224-17316Full
5 Days11/07/2022-15/07/20224-17316Full
5 Days18/07/2022-22/07/20224-17316Full
5 Days25/07/2022-29/07/20224-17316Full
5 Days01/08/2022-05/08/20224-17214Full
5 Days01/08/2022-05/08/20224-17316Full


Our camp offers funny activities for children 4+ years old comprising horse-riding lessons together with a variety of fun & creative workshops, all of them developed within a nature-friendly environment and focusing on learning central skills for our children as teamwork, respect to others, confidence, self-esteem,…

It is not indispensable whatsoever to know how to ride a horse when coming to the Camp, as we split the participants into different groups, depending on their previous experience in horse-riding. Additionally, EQUUS LM approach to teaching Equestrianism is based on funny games and trials. Definitely, you will enjoy this activity from a completely new perspective. Our seasoned staff and instructors will permanently watch out for your safety while you learn as much as possible having a lovely staying among us.

EQUUS LM Camp believes in a dynamic and funny education, so we bet on the pedagogical values clearly associated to Equestrianism, showing our high respect and responsibility to horses. EQUUS LM Camp is exciting, active, different and above all, it is a place where to live countless experiences; our doors are wide open for children as well as for adults, for those who want to grow up with us as well as for those who are just interested in enjoying a day plenty of excitements.


EQUUS LM Camp main activity is the practice of Equestrianism, including the associated sports disciplines and playful activities with horses, namely:

  • Basic horseback riding lessons
  • Classical Dressage
  • Horseball
  • Horse/Show Jumping
  • Pony Games
  • Cross-country trail
  • Horse Gymkhana
  • Horse care techniques (cleaning, hair-dressing, basic care,…) - a horse will be allocated to you for this purpose.
  • Guided horsebacks - even by night together with other funny games, as:
  • Water games (in the swimming pool).
  • Evening-entertainment sessions - conducted by our staff
  • Gymkhanas
  • Handicraft workshops
  • Trekking / Byking
  • Team-building games


EQUUS LM Camp activities are all conducted within our own facilities, which are perfect for them thanks to the nature-friendly, safe and peaceful environment where they are placed in.

Lodging is provided to participants also within our premises. For such purpose, there is a specific bunk-bed area allocated for those participants who will stay overnight. A member of our staff will permanently watch out them during the night.

Other ancillary facilities comprise:

  • Changing room with showers and lockers
  • Social club with vending machines (coffee, soft-drinks & some appetizers)
  • Outside terrace nearby the riding rings.
  • BBQ area for social events.
  • Horse boarding facilities,
  • Outdoor horse-cleaning sites.
  • Horseball court (70x30 mts).
  • Covered dressage ring (60x20 mts)
  • Covered horseback training ring (30x15 mts)
  • Training ring (50 m²).
  • Two warehouses for keeping horse-riding equipment



  • All our facilities and instructors have been officially approved and certified by the Equestrian Federation of Madrid.
  • We plan small groups per instructor – for higher performance in learning
  • Philosophy of discipline and fun – a perfect combination for achieving more effectiveness in training
  • We take horse-riding teaching from the very beginning up to highest levels of certification
  • Our educational excursions are oriented to enjoying the activity
  • We offer Spanish official rider certifications (“GALOPES”).

Pick Up Policy


Full-Board 24h. From Monday to Friday. Rate 305€. Includes:

  • Horse-riding and scheduled daily activities
  • Breakfast, snack, lunch, afternoon snack, dinner and scheduled evening activities
  • Lodging

Half-Board 12h (9:00h to 21:00h). From Monday to Friday. Rate 205€.  Includes:

  • Horse-riding and scheduled daily activities
  • Lunch and afternoon snack

Morning-Only Board: 5h per day (9:00h to 14:00). From Monday to Friday. Rate 175€. Includes:

  • Horse-riding activities
  • Snack


Booking Policy

Use the Solocampamentos contact form to get full details and information about the programme. .